QuickBooks is an economical accounting software system with an associated easy-to-use interface, however bugs and errors will occur anytime. These errors may be long and have an effect on your business productivity. QuickBooks Error 1311 is one the foremost common errors that occur once users attempt to export a report from plan Designer to Microsoft workplace stand out.

Once QuickBooks Error 1311 will occur is after you are updating or installing QuickBooks desktop and there’s a problem with the disk or the CD drive.

The following message will reflect on the screen:

“Error 1311 Source file not found: D:\ZF561407.CAB. Verify that the file exists which you can access it”.

In the below-mentioned article, we are going to discuss QuickBooks Error 1311, its causes, and completely different ways to resolve which may assist you to resolve the problem quickly.


  • The Microsoft workplace version is incompatible with QuickBooks.
  • The Microsoft workplace installation is broken.

Mend QuickBooks Error 1311: Solution

Following are the varied ways to fix QuickBooks Error 1311 simply, that are:

Solution 1: Use QuickBooks CD

  • Insert QuickBooks CD in the drive.
  • Right-click on Windows begin button and choose Explore.
  • Now produce a replacement folder to repeat the installation files.
  • Navigate to QuickBooks CD-ROM. Right-click on CD-ROM and choose Explore.
  • Browse QuickBooks and Third-party folders, copy them and paste it within the newly created folder.

Solution 2: Restricting CD-ROM access

  • Firstly, go to Start>> Settings >> Control panel.
  • Now, choose administrative tools.
  • Then, click on Local Security Policy and Expand the Local Policies folder.
  • After that, choose one in all the security choices depending on the Windows version.
  • Lastly, change your choice to Disabled and Reboot your system.

Solution 3: Use Photoshop Elements Disc

  • Insert the Photoshop Elements install disc into the DVD/CD-ROM drive.
  • Now, open My Computer and right-click on the Photoshop elements disc.
  • Then, create a folder on the desktop and copy and paste the Adobe Photoshop elements folder in it.
  • When copying has done then eject the disc.
  • Now, open the Adobe Photoshop elements and double-click on Setup.exe to begin the installation.
  • At last, follow the on-screen directions to complete the installation.

Solution 4: Scanning and Installation

  • At first, go to Start and click on All Programs.
  • Right-click on Command and choose Run As Administrator.
  • In the Command Prompt window, sort SFC/SCANNOW and click Enter.
  • Now, once the scan completes, type msiexec /unregin within the Command Prompt window and click on Enter.
  • Now, type msiexec /regserver within the Command Prompt window and click Enter.
  • Lastly, proceed with Creative Suite product installation.

Solution 5: Install the CS4 Application again

If you’ve got Windows XP, go to Start and click on Run.

  • In the Open box, type “msiexec /unreg” and click on Enter.

If you’ve got Windows scene, choose All Programs, go to Accessories and select Run.

  • In the Open box, type “msiexec /regserver” and press Enter.

In the end, install the CS4 application once more.

Solution 6: Verify Microsoft Office Compatibility

In order to use a financial statement designer, Microsoft Office has to modified. However, reports can be directly exported from QuickBooks to the MS Office.

  • Go to the control panel and double-click on Add or Remove Programs.
  • Select Microsoft Office to try and do the changes.
  • The versions need to be changed to Microsoft 2000 or later.

The steps mentioned above will help you solve QuickBooks Error 1311. In case you cannot fix QuickBooks Error 1311 or are unable to understand the issue, reach out to our Error Support contact number +1-844-929-2244 for immediate support.


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