Bookkeeping Services San Francisco

Trying to find the top bookkeeping services in San Francisco, CA? Small businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area may choose eBetterBooks to handle all their outsourced accounting needs, including bookkeeping, payroll processing, and advising.

Reliable San Francisco bookkeeping services are good options for efficient business operations. The team of experienced bookkeepers at eBetterBooks assists you in taking charge of your books so you can concentrate on the growth of your organization.

We keep your records throughout the year for tax filing, so you no longer have to worry about searching for Best Tax Preparation near me in San Francisco. Tax filing and IRS audits are now a piece of cake.


How eBetterBooks works with your San Francisco business?

We're here to ease your workload with our accounting outsourcing services. Our level of service and solutions are customized to meet your needs. Whether you require bookkeeping services, payment processing, or consultancy assistance, we have you covered.


Regain complete control of your finances. Our bookkeepers in San Francisco California, have got your back from start to end, so you can focus on growing your business.


With our seamless payroll services created to simplify your life, you'll never have to worry about payroll again.


Our knowledgeable, professional bookkeeping advisors can help you implement best practices, create budgets, and monitor your success.

Tax-ready financials

Are they looking for "Best Tax Preparation near me in San Francisco"? Our team of experts will adapt their strategy to your company's demands because they are familiar with California tax regulations.

Other services include:

  • Project Budgeting
  • Better Decision Control
  • Permissive Auditing
  • Industry framework
  • Track Growth
  • Capital Management
  • Surge Optimization
  • Advice Endowments
  • Reduce costing
  • Reconcile Charts
  • Credit Eligibility
  • Dodge Losses & Penalties
  • Details of Surpluses
  • Timely tax-return
  • Tendering
  • Automation
  • Credit & Debit
  • Taxable income
  • Payroll Tactics
  • Invoice Structure

Why Should You Opt Online Bookkeeping?

San Francisco's eBetterBooks bookkeeping services are unique from conventional bookkeeping. We automatically take transactions from your bank and update your records to reflect them.

  • You no longer have to transfer your documents to your accountant. We automatically pull out your transactions and maintain your books.
  • Say no to bookkeeping arrears, as our bookkeeping services in San Francisco as our timely Bookkeeping keep you all caught up.
  • Stay secured with our bank-level security.
  • We strive for quality.
  • We serve all businesses irrespective of their sizes.

Why choose eBetterBooks for bookkeeping services in San Francisco, CA?

Get quick help from our experts.

With accounting updates, we'll be in touch with you frequently. Have urgent questions that need to be resolved right away? We'll answer your issue within one business day.

Ensured precision 

To prevent common errors, you may use our platform to automate data inputs from most key sources. 

Process Automation 

You are no longer required to send your documentation to your accountants. We manage your books and automatically pull out your transactions.

Timely Bookkeeping 

Keep up on your bookkeeping; our timely bookkeeping in San Francisco will keep you updated.

Find a bookkeeper near San Francisco, CA.

Although it may appear like an uphill task, bookkeeping is one of the crucial components. It establishes your company's market position and lays the groundwork for your long-term planning. A bookkeeper hourly rate San Francisco, on average, is $26.13 per hour.

Check out our monthly bookkeeping plans at eBetterBooks to see how reasonable our monthly charges are:

Starter plan: $49 - monthly spend below $15000

Standard Plan: $99 - monthly spend from $15,000-$50,000

Premium plan: $139 - monthly spend from $50,000 to $100,000

Corporate Plan: $249 - monthly spend from $100,000 to $500,000

Monthly bookkeeping services in san Francisco CA By eBetterBooks

Our monthly bookkeeping services in San Francisco are designed to assist you in reaching your goals for business growth. To help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your business, We provide accurate online accounting and bookkeeping services, balance sheet, bank reconciliation, and general ledger report so you could recognize the strengths and weaknesses of your company. You can adjust your business if you have access to accurate financial data.

Monthly Bookkeeping

We deliver accurate profit and loss statements.

Balance Sheet

You may make smarter decisions by using a balance sheet, which thoroughly evaluates your assets, liabilities, and net worth.

General Ledger Reports

You may look at your dates, check numbers, and other costs in your general ledger report.

Bank Reconciliation

We thoroughly compare your balance sheet and bank statements and inform you of your assets and losses.

Tax Services In San Francisco

Although we recognize that paying taxes might be a pain, it doesn't imply you won't give it good thought. Being negligent with your taxes might end up searching "Best Tax Preparation near me in San Francisco" or costing you thousands of dollars. You might unwind by letting eBetterBooks' tax filing and preparation services handle it.

eBetterBooks: Best Tax Preparation service in San Francisco

  1. Instant Response: You won't have to endure a long call-back wait from your accountant. Accounting specialists at eBetterBooks reply to your calls as soon as they are answered.
  2. Stay updated: Stay informed with eBetterBooks to avoid being surprised with your books.
  3. No More backlogs in your books: Keep up to date with eBetterBooks and stop dealing with bookkeeping backlogs.
  4. Compatible Partner At A Reasonable Cost: Keep using the accounting program you like, and let eBetterBooks work alongside it.
  5. eBetterBooks tax filing services: You can easily avoid tax season, so don't worry about it. All year long, we maintain your books tax-ready.
  6. Focus on Your business growth: You need to unwind and devote time to other vital business tasks vying for your focus.

eBetterBooks also serves at

In addition to Philadelphia, eBetterBooks also offers tax preparation and bookkeeping services in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas, San Jose, Austin, Jacksonville, San Francisco, Indianapolis, Columbus, Fort Worth, Charlotte, Seattle, Denver, Detroit, Washington, Boston, Memphis, and Nashville.

Dial 860-497-7164 anytime and communicate with one of the eBetterBooks accounting professionals. Your business size doesn't matter; we are more than happy to serve you with our accounting services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the turnaround time for my accounting?

We understand accounting has a deadline, and it is essential to finish your accounts within a specific period. We assure to work out your funds within the deadline, significantly to help you with tax preparations and tax filing services.

How much does a bookkeeper cost in San Francisco, California?

In San Francisco, California, the average bookkeeper salary as of November 2022 is $53,000, with the typical range falling between $45,000 and $60,000. Based on several important factors, salary ranges may vary significantly.

How much does a virtual bookkeeper cost in San Francisco?

Hourly rates might range from $50 to $500, depending on your location and the accountant.

How does eBetterBooks ensure the confidentiality of data?

eBetterBooks signs a non-disclosure agreement with the client to keep their data secured. We store all the data on our cloud, and it is secured by two-way authentication. The platforms we prefer are Dropbox and Google Drive.

What is the difference between a bookkeeper vs. a CPA?

The main responsibility of a bookkeeper is to maintain an orderly record of all financial transactions, whereas the main responsibility of a CPA is to provide financial guidance.

Does eBetterBooks have the necessary infrastructure to cater to my accounting requirements?

yes! We have many professional accounting experts with robust accounting software. We have our headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware, US, with human resources of over 600 accountants.

What's the difference between Bench and QuickBooks (or other bookkeeping accounting services)?

Bench can manage your bookkeeping, but QuickBooks enables you to work more accounting responsibilities in one location. Bench does not have access to many of the tools that QuickBooks has, like mileage tracking, invoicing, and payment acceptance, even with the Simple Start package.

What taxes do businesses pay in San Francisco?

Corporations are subject to California's 8.84% corporate income tax, based on revenue generated within the state.

If I have a question about reconciled transactions, who should I speak to?

You can dial 860-497-7164 and speak to one of our representatives.

Should I hire someone to do my bookkeeping?

Having a devoted bookkeeper will ensure that your records are accurate and significantly reduce your worry. Complex accounting principles may be easier to understand by trusting a capable and knowledgeable bookkeeper.