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According to Intuit Disclosure, QuickBooks is one of the leading and demanding software across the globe. At present, over 2 million users are handling their business finances via QuickBooks. QuickBooks is considered a perfect accounting software, but many users may face issues while working on it.

To deal with such technical errors, Intuit has been introduced and launched a tool in 2012. Today, our motive is to make you aware of QuickBooks File Doctor Tool. According to research, we have analyzed that many users are not familiar with amazing functionalities of QuickBooks. after knowing the advantages of the tool, it becomes essential to install the tool.

In 2012, Intuit has been introduced and released a file doctor tool specifically for resolving QuickBooks error codes. In addition to this, the tool is a blend of a Network Diagnostic tool and a Company File Diagnostic Tool.

It is basically a simple file repairing tool that you can use to fix errors persisting in QuickBooks. You can get the built-in version of the QuickBooks Desktop File doctor tool in QuickBooks 2016 or later. To update this tool, you can simply visit the QuickBooks file doctor download page on the Intuit website.

The file doctor is only compatible with the US and UK QuickBooks versions.

Many QuickBooks users are not aware of this tool that is why we have come up with this article.

Types of QuickBooks File Doctor

  1. QuickBooks File Doctor stand-alone version: The built-in file doctor tool is preinstalled in QuickBooks 2016 and later versions.
  1. Built-in version that is preinstalled in QuickBooks 2016 and later versions.

QuickBooks File Doctor is Compatible with-

  • QuickBooks File Doctor 2017and later versions are compatible with all windows versions of QB desktop.
  • Though, it doesn’t work with Mac versions of QuickBooks.

Errors & Issues that Can be Fixed via QuickBooks File Doctor

The following is a list of all error codes that you can simply resolve by using the file doctor tool. If you face any difficulty while fixing any of them, call our experts.

Damaged QuickBooks Company Files

QuickBooks database server manager related issues

Failed to launch QuickBooks company file

QuickBooks 6000 series error codes

QuickBooks H series error codes such as H101, H202, H303, and H505.

Blank or missing customer, vendor, or employee lists.

Damaged Windows registry

Malware attack hard drive

Multi-user error codes.

Issues related to Firewall ports

Installation Errors

QuickBooks run-time errors

Network Errors

Data corruption errors

QB error 6000 82

Some Related Facts to QuickBooks File Doctor

  • Before installing the latest version of QBFD, you must have to uninstall the existing one.
  • You can get an in-built doctor tool in all QuickBooks post versions 2015. But we recommend installing the external one to fix the issue immediately.
  • The doctor tool is only compatible with all windows versions of QuickBooks Desktop.
  • To use the tool, you just need to choose the Start and allow the tool to start resolving the issue.

How to download and install the QuickBooks File Doctor?

Further, we have mentioned two ways to download & install the QFD. Afterward, follow the ways to install the tool without any interruptions.

Way 1: Using the QuickBooks Tool Hub

  1. Firstly, download the QuickBooks tools hub. After that, press the CTRL + J keys to choose downloads.
  2. Now, you need to save the file on the desktop so that you can find it easily whenever required.
  3. After that, tap on the QuickBooksToolsHub.exe to launch the file.
  4. Meanwhile, choose Yes to agree & accept the license agreement.
  5. And then, choose the Next option after selecting the Install option.
  6. Once you are done with the installation process, click on the Finish option.
  7. Then, tap on the icon to launch the QuickBooks Tool hub.

Note: If you are unable to find the icon, Press the Windows or Start key and look for QuickBooks Tool Hub. After that, click on the program to launch it.

  1. Finally, after opening the tool hub, choose Company File Issues and run the tool.

Way 2: Via Official Website of Intuit

  1. Firstly, shut down all running applications in the background.
  2. After that, download the QuickBooks File Doctor by visiting Intuit’s official website.
  3. Now, you have to download the .exe file in your system.
  4. Meanwhile, launch the .exe file and you will see an install setup window.
  5. And then, choose the option Yes and your installation process will be started.
  6. Go through the ongoing instructions. And then, accept the terms and conditions to complete the installation process.
  7. Lastly, choose Finish.

How to Use the Stand-alone Version of the QuickBooks File Doctor?

Here are the steps to use the external file doctor tool.

    1. Firstly, ensure that you are using the latest version of the QuickBooks doctor file tool.
    2. Now, launch the Windows Taskbar and choose the browse option.
    3. After that, search for the damaged company file. And start the diagnosing process.
    4. Next, you will get two options from which you have to choose one to make the best decision.
    5. After that, choose the first option if you are facing 6000 error codes or company-file issues.
    6. And, go with the second option if you are getting network issues.
  • Write down the Company File Admin password and press Next.
  • After that, choose one of the following options to fix the error.
  • Workstation option: Go with this option if you are detecting and resolving issues on a client’s system. It implies that the QuickBooks company file has not been hosted on that system.
  • Server option: Go with the second option if you are detecting and resolving issues on the QuickBooks client system. From the client system, it is meant that the QuickBooks company file has not been hosted or stored on that PC.
  1. Choose Yes when you are using QuickBooks server/host. Otherwise, select No.
  2. Meanwhile, the tool will automatically repair the files.
  3. Wait till the diagnosing process gets completed. It depends on the size of the company file, internet speed.
  4. Now, shut down the file doctor tool.
  5. Finally, you can open the bug-free company file.

What are the steps to use the QuickBooks File Doctor Built-in version (For 2016 & later)?

Benefits of using a built-in version of QuickBooks Doctor File.

  • The built-in file doctor is compatible with MS Server 2003-2012, and Windows 10, 8, and 7 versions.
  • All Network and company file issues can be fixed via the file doctor tool.
  • This tool can also be used for Canada, US, and UK-supported QB desktop versions.
  • Issues related to Corrupted and damaged company files can be resolved using the QFD tool.
  • You can use the doctor tool to repair the file and data.
  • You can install the .NET framework 2.0 using the doctor tool.

The Built-in version of QFD has been released in 2015 by Intuit. Below, we have mentioned the complete steps to use the built-in version of the tool. Kindly, have a look at all of them one by one.

  1. Firstly, open QuickBooks without launching the company file.
  2. Secondly, choose the File menu and go to the Utilities option.
  3. After that, choose the ‘Repair file’ to select the QuickBooks Repair Doctor tool.
  4. Then, select the browse option > company file > Open.
  5. Meanwhile, go to the Show advanced settings window and press the next option to resolve the required issue.
  6. Next, enter the admin credentials and press next.
  7. Finally, when you are done with the diagnosing process, re-open the company file.

What can be Possible Results while Using QuickBooks File Doctor?

1. QBFD did not find any issue.

In this case, the QBs doctor tool did not find any issues or error codes. Here you need to re-login to the company file. In case, the error encounters, then you have to set up the Auto Data Recovery (ADR). After that, enter the transactions.

2. QBFD detects the issues and resolves them automatically.

In this case, the doctor tool detects the issue and then you need to choose the “Open new company” option. This one is the most favorable outcome that usually pops up on the screen while accessing the QBFD.

3. Error has been detected, but can’t be fixed.

In this situation, set up the auto data recovery tool. After that, enter the transactions manually. It may also help you in fixing the issue persisting while running the software.

Steps to be Performed after Repairing Company File

Once you have done with the repairing process, create a backup of your company file data in a removable hard drive. You need to create a backup of the data at the end of every month for the safety side.

In case, you are facing errors while accessing the QBFD tool:

Sometimes, you might experience errors at the time of using QBs doctor tool. These errors may stop you from accessing the QuickBooks Company File. Below, we are listing some of these error codes that might be appearing on the screen.

  • QuickBooks File Doctor is not working.
  • File Doctor stopped working
  • File Doctor bugs
  • QBs doctor tool in use, etc.

Causes behind the occurrence of QuickBooks File Doctor Tool Errors

  • While updating the company file, you may face such errors.
  • When you forgot to install any company file at the time of installation.
  • If you can’t restore the files, this might be a sign of ‘QuickBooks File Doctor Tool not working.’
  • Due to damaged or corrupted files.

Solutions to troubleshoot QB File Doctor Tool Errors

  • Firstly, restore the backup of the QBW file.
  • Use auto data recovery (ADR).
  • Configure the antivirus software.
  • Lastly, switch off QuickBooks hosting mode.

Final Thoughts!

Undoubtedly, you have got familiar with the steps to download, install, and use the QuickBooks File Doctor. We assume that you have successfully installed the tool and started using it to fix errors. If you are still in confusion whether the doctor tool will be fruitful or not, get in touch with our team.

We will help you in deciding by explaining the pros and cons of the QBs doctor tool. Call us right now at ebetterbooks Support Phone Number 1-860-215-2261.


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