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How to Fix QuickBooks License Error After Clone?

How to Fix QuickBooks License Error After Clone?

The “QuickBooks license error after clone” appears when a user copies their hard drive having QuickBooks Desktop to another computer. In other words, you replicated the hard drive with QuickBooks already installed.

You may experience a problem as a result of this, and your computer will display an error related to the activation or licensing issue. This issue occurs due to QuickBooks Desktop’s failure to verify the license-related information, resulting in non-functioning. Though there may be more causes of the QuickBooks licensing error after the clone error in this article, the most common ones, along with the probable solutions, are mentioned below:

Essential Tips for Resolving QuickBooks License Error After Clone

Error Causes Solutions
The system is not working smoothly while using QuickBooks Update the windows
Entitlement (License information) file, the ND and TLG Files are damaged / Corrupt, etc. Remove the QuickBooks Desktop entitlement file and the ND and TLG Files.
Experiencing a QuickBooks license trouble Use the QuickBooks Diagnostic tool
Antivirus could be preventing you from learning QuickBooks on your desktop Deactivate the Antivirus Software
Other programs might be restricting you to work on QuickBooks Change the admin right
Fix QuickBooks license error with universal solution Use the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

Features of QuickBooks Desktop

The following are a few QuickBooks features:

  1. Tax filing
  2. Accounting
  3. Online Payments
  4. Generate Invoice
  5. Generate Employee’s Payroll
  6. Create expense, income, & purchase reports

What is QuickBooks License Error After Clone?

The license number and product code must be entered in order to complete the validation procedure during QuickBooks Desktop installation. The information-containing file is always encrypted. If this encrypted file is corrupted or missing, QuickBooks might not launch and show a QuickBooks licensing issue.

  1. Errors in QuickBooks Reconfiguration
  2. There is no Edit list displayed in the No Company Open Window.
  3. There is no Sync Licensed Data Online.
  4. When attempting to sync or subscribe, “You must subscribe to accountant’s copy file transfer service” appears.
  5. Because your QuickBooks isn’t registered, you can’t use online banking.
  6. Could not initialize license properties, error 3371.
Could not initialize license properties

Key Considerations for Resolving QuickBooks License Error After Clone

Consider the following points before resolving the QuickBooks license error after clone problem:

  1. One of the important tools that will assist you in correcting this problem is the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool.
  2. Ensure you are using QuickBooks’ most recent version.
  3. It is essential to maintain a backup of your computer file.
  4. In QuickBooks, a registration key is necessary.

Causes of The “QuickBooks License Error After Cloning”

The following are possible causes of 3371 licensing errors.

  1. Damaged data and necessary MSXML components for QuickBooks Desktop
  2. An installation file called QBregistration.dat contains licensing data. The validity of this licensing information is checked before you launch QuickBooks. In the event that QBregistration.dat is damaged or corrupt, QuickBooks Desktop won’t launch.
  3. MSXML component is a Microsoft component that facilitates the retrieval of data from Qbregistration.dat by QuickBooks, assisting in the startup of QuickBooks Desktop.

How to Fix QuickBooks License Error after Cloning?

Let’s examine all the possible ways of resolving the QuickBooks License Error following the clone with more detail.

Solutions 1: Windows Update

You must update the window to maintain your system operating efficiently and error-free. Therefore, by performing the following procedures, you can update and fix this QuickBooks error:

  • Select Start, then type Window Update.
Windows Update
  • Choose System Update from the list of programs and click on Check for Updates..
  • Click Install Updates Now (If updates are available).
  • Restart your computer to finish.
System Update

Solutions 2: Delete the Entitlement File and the ND and TLG Files

For QuickBooks Desktop, entitlement files do not hold any accounting information. Therefore, you can remove these files, and QuickBooks Desktop will generate a new one without your intervention. You can remove the file and request that the program build a new one because a corrupted entitlement file results in a QuickBooks licensing error.

Delete the Entitlement File and the ND and TLG Files

Here are the steps to take to remove the Entitlement file and replace it with a new one in your accounting program:

  • Open the File Explorer.
  • Go to `C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v8.
  • Choose Delete from the context menu after you right-click on EntitlementDataStore.ecml.
  • To confirm, select Yes.
  • Open the company file in QuickBooks after launching it.
  • To reactivate the product, enter your purchase information.

Inputting the purchase information, such as the activation key, causes QuickBooks Desktop to generate a new one.

To activate the software on your machine, you need the activation key. QuickBooks Desktop will operate in trial mode if you don’t do this. Of course, your Intuit account will have the activation information.

Procedures for activating QuickBooks Desktop following installation:

  • Launch QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Click the Help menu.
  • Select QuickBooks Desktop Activate.
  • By entering extra information, you may confirm the information.

Company files are managed for multi-user mode via both .ND and TLG files. Damage to these files prevents QuickBooks Desktop from locating the company file in the proper location. So, the licensing error occurs in QuickBooks Desktop.

The same process can be used to recreate.ND and TLG files, just like Entitlement files. Launch the software first, then delete it to create the files automatically.

Solution 3: Change the UNC Path

Change the UNC Path
  1. Type “QuickBooks” into the start menu to access it.
  2. Run as administrator by selecting QuickBooks with the right mouse button.
  3. Launch QuickBooks Desktop by pressing the control key while holding it.
  4. Go to the File menu when the no company open window appears.
  5. Click on open or restore company.
  6. Select the next option after clicking Open a corporation file.
  7. Go to the company file’s directory by selecting network from the left-hand menu.
  8. To prevent the operating system from preventing other workstations from connecting to the business file, set the proper permissions for the folders that house the company file.
  9. Select the company file, then click “open.”

You can sync data after inputting the UNC path, and the database server manager will cooperate better with the main program. Since the modifications are synchronized in real-time, they should take effect right away.

Solutions 4: Use the QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool

QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool

The QBs Diagnostic tool is always advisable when experiencing QuickBooks license trouble. The steps listed below can be used to use this tool to resolve the QuickBooks licensing error after cloning:

  • Users will first download the software before saving it.
  • Ensure all other programs are closed while the QuickBooks Diagnostic tool runs.
  • Avoid the website or window in the middle of the aforementioned process because it takes a little bit.
  • Restart your computer to finish.

Solution 5: Deactivate Your Antivirus Program

Deactivate Your Antivirus Program

You may have noticed that antivirus protection occasionally prevents people from using QuickBooks; in such case, you may deactivate your antivirus program by following the full instructions:

  • Click small arrow in the lower right corner of your computer.
  • By executing a right-click on the antivirus application icon, turn off Protection.
  • Once the program has been registered, your antivirus protection will automatically resume after 30 minutes.
  • Select Enable Protection by clicking the corresponding icon in the taskbar.

Solution 6: Give Administrative Rights


Other programs may restrict the use of QuickBooks. Change the admin right to accomplish it. How to do it is as follows:

  • It is necessary to click the QuickBooks Desktop icon.
  • Select the option to Run as Administrator, then select Yes.

Solutions 7: QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

We know that the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool is one of the all-purpose fixes for your QB problems, and the QuickBooks licensing error is no different. Using this tool to correct your mistakes is quite easy. We’ve provided step-by-step instructions below for your convenience.

  • You must first download the most recent version of the QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  • You can access the Tool Hub by clicking the icon.
  • In the left-hand pane of the Programs tab, look for the Run File Doctor option.
  • Press the key to continue.


When QuickBooks cannot validate the licensing information you provided to activate the software, a license error may occur after cloning. The software immediately turns off most of the functionality because of this error.

As a result, the user can access his or her accounting data once the software has been activated using the product activation key. However, the user must first do the necessary actions for QuickBooks to function and present the activation options.

Hopefully, the above-given information is useful for you. But if you still facing any kind of issues with your software and need professional assistance, regarding accounting, bookkeeping & accounting software-related issues then feel free to get in touch with us at +1-802-778-9005, or you can mail to us at: [email protected]


What are the reasons for the License Error after cloning?

The QBregisteration.dat file’s corruption or damage is the primary cause. When you run all of your programs on an outdated version, this problem also arises, and your window can freeze.

What should I do if I receive an error message saying, “QuickBooks license has expired”?

The common meaning of this error message is that your QuickBooks license has run out of time. You can renew your license or get help by calling Accounting assistance at 1-802-778-9005. If your license has already been renewed, you might need to reactivate QuickBooks by following the instructions in the activation wizard.

How do you verify the QuickBooks License number to ensure the entered details?

Press the F2 key after opening QuickBooks. Your screen will now show a window with product details where you may see the license number, product name, and product number. You may find the release date and the version you used at the end of the product name.

Will deleting the Entitlement file delete my accounting data?

Your accounting data will be safe because the Entitlement File stores no accounting information. You must erase the entitlement file, which contains the activation data, for QuickBooks to produce a new one and allow you to reactivate the software to resolve error 3371.

Can network issues lead to QuickBooks license errors?

No, they cannot. The main cause of the license problem is that QuickBooks Desktop is unable to access the file containing the license information. To reset the activation details, use the 3371 error tool or manually remove the entitlement file. The accounting software can then be activated by entering the serial number and your purchase information.

Does updating the software resolve QuickBooks error 3371?

Not at all, no. You need to access the functions that are only accessible after activating the software in order to update it. You can only update the application once the licensing error 3371 has been resolved because the problem directly affects the activation of the product.

Can a QuickBooks license be transferred?

Your QuickBooks license can be transferred at any time from one computer to another. Before beginning the transfer procedure, Intuit recommended finding your QuickBooks license and product numbers.

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