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QuickBooks Could Not Connect to Email Server Issue

How to Fix QuickBooks Could Not Connect to the Email Server

Users willing to login to QuickBooks have been facing some errors where the message highlights the below mentioned aspects: 

  • “Couldn’t Connect to Email Server: We were unable to connect to the email server for your email provider” or 
  • “QuickBooks was unable to send your form for the following reason: QuickBooks was able to connect to the remote server but could not understand the server’s response. Please try again to see if the problem has been corrected on the server.”

Solutions to resolve this error includes, resolving  QuickBooks installation problems and email server connection issues requires users to undertake several different approaches which have been mentioned in the succeeding sections of the articles. This error is mostly being faced by users owning a Yahoo email account.

Image below represents another error prompt which is being showed when users are trying to login to their QuickBooks account:

QuickBooks Could Not Connect to the Email Server

Users willing to receive immediate assistance can connect with the help desks at +1-802-778-9005 or can mail us at [email protected].

Causes of QuickBooks Could Not Connect to Email Server Error

Prior to understanding the approach to fixing “Could not connect to the email server” error in QuickBook, users are required to understand what causes the error. Mentioned below are the few of the probable reasons which may lead to Email Server Error in QuickBooks:

  • Poor Internet Connection: A poor internet connection hinders the connection between QuickBooks desktop and the Email Server as the data transfer is not seamless, thereby resulting in connection issues.
  • Improper Email Configuration: With improper email configuration, users might experience lack of appropriate connectivity with the servers of QuickBooks. Thus, having an appropriate email configuration is necessary as it allows users to establish a proper connection with the servers of QuickBooks desktop. 
  • Incorrect Email ID or Password: Users trying to login with an incorrect email ID and password leads to mismatch of credentials within the servers of QuickBooks desktop thus, denying login of users. Thus, users are getting the error “QuickBooks could not connect to email server error.”
  • Using an Outdated Version of Quickbooks: Using an outdated version of QuickBooks software leads to software vulnerability issues and sometimes denies the user access to its servers and databases. Thus, leading to a potential threat of exposing the user account to inappropriate sources. 
  • Improper Configuration of Internet Settings: Users without proper internet explorer configuration will face the issue as it will hinder the connectivity with the email server. Improper configuration of internet settings leads to mismatch of IP, DNS and gateway server settings which further leads to a number of server errors for the users trying to log in to QuickBooks.
  • Inadequate Admin Rights for the Computer: Lack of full admin rights by the user for the computer leads to restrictive usage of the software and the computer system. Full-admin rights are required in order to be able to access QuickBooks software properly and ensure that it functions with all the required features and accessibility.

Quick Solutions for QuickBooks Email Server Connection Problem

In addition to seeking assistance for this technical error, QuickBooks users can undertake certain measures to consider QuickBooks installation error resolution on different operating systems. Mentioned below are the approaches which highlights the question on how to fix QuickBooks email server connection errors:


Issue: A poor internet connection that hinders the connection between QuickBooks desktop and the Email Server 

Quick Solution: 

  • Look for better internet connectivity
  • Ensure that there is an uninterrupted and seamless internet connectivity and you have compatible hardware for that.

Issue: Users with improper email configuration results in unstable or no connection with the email servers..

Quick Solution:

Check and Edit Email Info screen by going to the SMTP Server Details section and set the server name and port to your email provider settings.

Issue: You are providing an incorrect email address and password, thus there are authentication errors.

Quick Solution: Access your web browser and log in with your email account to verify if the password being used is correct or not.

Issue: You are using an outdated version of QuickBooks on your computer, thus is not compatible with the online version.

Quick Solution: 

  • It is necessary to ensure that your QuickBooks software is updated and is running on the latest QuickBooks version
  • To update QuickBooks, visit the Update to the Latest Release page or follow the instructions given in the article.
  • Download the latest version 
  • Setup automatic update

Issue: Internet connection is not configured properly, so the QuickBooks Desktop version is not able to access the internet. 

Quick Solution: 

  • Open internet explorer to check if a web page is opening or not.
  • Check for firewall settings and see if it is blocking the website or server which is required to access QuickBooks.

Issue: You have limited access to your computer and its system files, therefore due to restricted access the functionality of Quickbooks is also limited.

Quick Solution: 

  • Check for complete administrator rights for the computer you are using. 
  • Limited access to computer systems will lead to selective feature accessibility for QuickBooks.

Checklist on How to fix QuickBooks Email Server Connectivity Problems

Steps to resolve “QuickBooks couldn’t connect to email server” issue requires applicants to undertake a number of considerations. Mentioned below is a checklist in order to ensure that users do not get to face “QuickBooks Could Not Connect to Email Server Error” next time. Each of the measures are defined with troubleshooting techniques for QuickBooks installation errors in succeeding sections of the articles. 

  • Access to an Appropriate Internet Connection: Users must ensure that they have access to an appropriate internet connection in order to be able to operate QuickBooks properly. 
  • Configuring Email Properly: Users prior to accessing QuickBooks must ensure that they have configured their email properly which is a key aspect of resolving errors during QuickBooks installation for Windows and Mac
  • Access to the Correct Email ID and Password: Users must have access to the correct email ID and password which has all the necessary access to QuickBooks software. To verify if the account is registered on QuickBooks, users can check and verify on the browser prior to logging in to QuickBooks. 
  • Having an Updated Version of QuickBooks: Users must keep a check and ensure that they have an updated version of QuickBooks installed in order to avoid QuickBooks Could Not Connect to Email Server Error. 
  • Verifying the Internet Settings and Firewall: Applicants must verify the internet settings prior to accessing the QuickBooks database. Users must also check if QuickBooks servers are being blocked by the windows firewall.  
  • Getting Admin Rights To the Computer: Users must gain and provide complete admin rights to QuickBooks software in order to eradicate and consider solutions for resolving QuickBooks email server connection issues.

QuickBooks Unable To Connect To Email Server: Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting QuickBooks email server connection errors can be accomplished with six different approaches. A broader look into the troubleshooting measures to overcome challenges in regards to “QuickBooks could not connect to email server error” has been provided below. QuickBooks could not connect to the email server: effective fixes measures can be considered with the help of below mentioned approaches. Each of the solutions given below highlights the measures on how to overcome QuickBooks installation issues on different platforms for both Mac and Windows.

Solution 1: Updating QuickBooks to its latest Version

Resolving QuickBooks installation errors on Windows and Mac it is recommended for users to perform the below mentioned steps to fix the error prompting.

Step 1: Visit the Update to the Latest Release page.

Qb email setting

Step 2: Ensure that the correct product is selected. In case you haven’t selected the correct product, click on Change link and select your desired QuickBooks product.

Step 3: Once done selecting the correct product, click on the Update button and download the update file.

Step 4: Select the option highlighting Setup Automatic Updates in order to understand how to set QuickBooks to automatically download and install the latest released updates.

Solution 2: Checking and verifying the setting available in the web mail preferences

Verifying settings under the web mail preferences is crucial in order to consider solutions for resolving and fixing common QuickBooks installation problems and errors. QuickBooks Desktop installation errors troubleshooting requires users to follow steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Select Preferences available in the QuickBooks Edit menu.

Step 2: Click on Send Forms, available on the left pane.

Step 3: Followed by the above step, view My Preferences, and select the email account you are using and click on Edit.

Step 4: Once on the Edit Email Info screen, check the SMTP Server Details section and set the server name and port to the concerned email provider settings. Followed by this, refer to the Set up your email service in QuickBooks Desktop where you can find a list of SMTP Server and Ports.

Solution 3: Check and Reset Internet Explorer Settings to Default

Steps mentioned below highlights aspects on how to troubleshoot QuickBooks Desktop installation issues and errors in accordance with the email server. Following steps highlights methods to fix QuickBooks installation errors on Windows and Mac and overcome issues in regards to the email error being faced by users:

Step 1: Open Internet Explorer on your computer and click on the Tools menu (Alt+T) or click on the gear icon. 

Step 2: Click on the Internet Options

Step 3: Followed by the above step, click on the Advanced tab, and then click on Restore Advanced Settings.

Internet Option

Step 4: Post clicking on the restore option, select OK, and then close the browser.

Solution 4: Check if QuickBook Access is blocked by any anti-virus or third party software

In a number of cases, QuickBooks access is blocked by an anti-virus or any third party application present within the system. Check your antivirus settings and ensure that it is not blocking the functionalities of QuickBooks. Moreover, users must ensure to turn off the email filtering advantages if available.

Solution 5: Rename the Network Data Files (.ND) to ensure smooth running of QuickBooks software

To troubleshoot “QuickBooks Could Not Connect to Email Server Error”,users can follow the below mentioned steps in order to rename the network data file (.nd). These tips for resolving QuickBooks installation issues effectively can help users to fix the concerned error within QuickBooks Desktop. Each of the steps mentioned below contributes to the solutions for common QuickBooks Desktop installation errors.

Step 1: First step is to close the QuickBooks and ensure that it is not running in the background.

Step 2: Open QuickBooks file location and look for .ND files within the folder. 

Step 3: Once located the .D file, select the file and then press F2 which is the shortcut to rename files. 

Step 4: Users are required to rename the file by adding OLD before the file name.

Step 5: Agree on the prompt displaying instructions and then press Enter key on the keyboard.

Solution 6: Ensuring management of QuickBooks Database Server Manager

Users can follow the below-mentioned measures in order to be able to identify QuickBooks installation problems and how to fix them. Each of the steps to fix QuickBooks installation errors for Windows and Mac contributes to fixing the overall error being faced by users within QuickBooks desktop. 

Step 1: Click on the windows button or go to start menu and click on the search option

Step 2: On the search bar, write “QuickBooks Database Server Manager

Step 3: The folder will appear on the window, users are required to delete it and then delete all the pre-existing folders present within the system. 

Step 4: Followed by the above step, users are required to add the QuickBooks Company File Folder in the Database manager.

Step 5: To conclude the step, users are required to scan the folder and make notes of all the displayed errors in the QuickBooks database server manager.

Concluding the fixes!

Hope the above mentioned measures helps you resolve the issue highlighting QuickBooks could not connect to email server error and fixing QuickBooks installation errors with Windows and Mac systems. In case you are unable to resolve the issue and are facing major challenges, you can connect with our customer service for quick solutions to QuickBooks installation issues. Details to our customer service has been provided below: 


Why am I facing “QuickBooks Could Not Connect to Email Server Error”?

One of the most probable reasons behind facing Common QuickBooks installation errors and their fixes can be regarded as poor internet connection or lack of availability of internet connectivity. Other reasons include improper email server settings configuration, and use of incorrect email ID or password. In addition, using an outdated version of QuickBooks desktop also contributes to the “QuickBooks Could Not Connect to Email Server Error.”

How to Link my email with QuickBooks to overcome issues in regards to “QuickBooks Could Not Connect to Email Server Error”?

To consider linking your email with the QuickBooks Software, and fixing QuickBooks Desktop installation errors on Windows and Mac, you can follow the below steps to address QuickBooks Desktop installation errors: 

  • Open the QuickBooks Edit Menu
  • Perform the promoted instructions and choose your preferences 
  • Visit the the forms and opt for Webmail
  • Followed by the above step, click on the Add option from the dropdown and follow the instructions then conclude by clicking OK.

Can using the wrong Email ID and Password lead to “QuickBooks Could Not Connect to Email Server Error”?

Yes, use of wrong email ID and password can lead to “QuickBooks Could Not Connect to Email Server Error.” In order to resolve this issue, users can first check and verify their email ID and password on a web browser page and then try logging in to the QuickBooks desktop. If the problem persists they can connect with our customer support for which details have been provided in the section above for QuickBooks Desktop installation errors troubleshooting guide and help.

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