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QuickBooks Won't Send Email Invoices

How To Deal With The “Quickbooks Won’t Send Email Invoices” Error?


Understanding and Resolving: QuickBooks Won’t Send Email Invoices Error

For anyone who uses QuickBooks, it stands to be obvious that they also send invoices via email through it. Nevertheless, there are situations when you might not be able to send invoices in QuickBooks through email owing to various factors, including a faulty QB installation or wrong email settings.

Generally, you will face a notification stating that “Quickbooks Won’t Send Email Invoices” or “Unable to Send Invoices Email in QuickBooks.”

In this article, you will find all the information needed for solving QuickBooks email invoices not working issues.

What Are the Causes of The Error QuickBooks Won’t Send Email Invoices?

Here, we’ve listed a few potential causes of your inability to send invoices with QuickBooks Desktop. Any of the following could apply:

  1. Inaccurate email settings: QuickBooks may be unable to send invoices by email if your email settings are inaccurate or out-of-date. Make sure your email choices contain the right email address and credentials.
  2. Problems with internet connectivity: Problems with internet connectivity might also result in difficulties while issuing invoices. Make sure your internet connection is steady and functioning correctly by checking it.
  3. Unupdated QuickBooks versions: Older QuickBooks versions may not be compatible with the most recent email protocols if you are still using an older version of QuickBooks. To make sure that your program integrates seamlessly with your email service, update it to the most recent version.
  4. Firewall or antivirus settings: QuickBooks may not be able to send emails due to your firewall or antivirus settings. For QuickBooks to be able to access your email service, make sure the firewall and antivirus settings are set to allow access.
  5. Problems with your email service provider: QuickBooks may be unable to send invoices by email if your email service provider has problems. To make sure that their services are operating properly, check with your email service provider.

What are the Symptoms of QuickBooks Not Sending Email Invoices?

When faced with the QuickBooks Won’t Send Email Invoices error, several people experienced the following symptoms:

Emails are stuck in the Outbox.

If you use a QuickBooks integrated email client, such as Outlook, and you notice that invoices remain in the Outbox folder rather than being sent, the sending process is unsuccessful.

Failure to send test emails.

If a test email you send from QuickBooks to check your email settings is not delivered, there is a problem with the email capability.

Not receiving an error message or email confirmation.

If, after sending an invoice, you don’t get a confirmation email or see an error notice suggesting something went wrong, it’s possible that QuickBooks isn’t effectively delivering the bills.

Missing Sent Emails in Sent Folder.

It’s a sign that QuickBooks isn’t sending emails correctly if you can’t find the sent invoices in your email client’s Sent folder.

The app automatically crashes or freezes.

Users of QuickBooks frequently experience freezing, crashing, and other problems that cause invoicing problems. It is challenging to move on with chores relating to invoices, even after repeatedly pushing the mouse and keyboard. There is no response to the commands.

What To Consider Before Moving On To The Solutions For Quickbooks Won’t Send Email Invoices Error?

It’s recommended to complete a number of tasks before moving on to the fixes for this error, some of which are as follows:

  • Verify QuickBooks Access’s firewall and antivirus software.
  • For Outlook software compatibility with the version of QuickBooks you are running, check the system requirements.
  • Most importantly, locally backup any firm data files as they can be lost during the fix.

Implement the solutions given below to resolve the error; if you need further assistance, contact +1-802-778-9005, or you can write a mail to us at: [email protected]

eBetterbooks: Quick Fixes

Follow the following quick fixes for unable to send invoices in QuickBooks by ebetterbooks for easy resolution:

Problem: Incorrect email address input results in wrong or failed mail delivery for Quickbooks invoices.

Solution: Double-check and confirm the accuracy of the provided email address.

Problem: Incorrectly configured or problematic internet connection settings lead to email invoice delivery issues in Quickbooks.

Solution: Verify and correct internet connection settings to ensure proper functionality.

Problem: Using an outdated version of QuickBooks 2022 Point of Sale may cause compatibility issues, resulting in problems with sending email invoices.

Solution: Update the QuickBooks 2022 Point of Sale software to its latest version to ensure it functions smoothly with Quickbooks, resolving email invoice delivery issues.

Problem: During the installation of QuickBooks, certain components may become damaged, affecting the software’s functionality and email invoice delivery.

Solution: Utilize the QuickBooks Desktop diagnostic tool to identify and repair any damaged components, restoring the software’s functionality and enabling successful email invoice sending.

Cause: Incorrect installation of the QuickBooks for Windows program, connected to QBW32Pro.exe, can lead to email invoice delivery errors.

Solution: Resolve email invoice issues by uninstalling the program and then reinstalling it correctly, ensuring proper functionality and accurate delivery.

What Are The Ways To Fix The Quickbooks Won’t Send Email Invoices Error?

There are several problems with the QuickBooks desktop program that restrict you from sending invoices to your customers. Almost all of the problems are listed here, along with their possible solutions. Simply select the strategy that best addresses the problem you are facing.

The following are the possible effective solutions for QuickBooks emailing invoices problem:

Solution 1: Confirm that you are using the correct email address.

Double-check whether you have provided the correct email address in the recipient box to avoid the “QuickBooks won’t send emails” issue that might occur when sending emails.

Solution 2: Check your internet connection’s settings.

Sometimes, there are tiny solutions to larger problems. For troubleshooting the invoices not sending from QuickBooks problem, ensure your internet connection is set up correctly.

Step 1: Go to the Help menu.

Step 2: Select Internet Connection Setup.

Step 3: Choose the Next option. When this application connects to the Internet, establish a connection using the options on my computer.

Step 4: Click on Advanced Connection Settings.

Step 5: Select the Restore Advanced Settings option under the Advanced Options tab.

Step 6: Now press OK to try updating QuickBooks Desktop.

Solution 3: Check whether QuickBooks isn’t running as an administrator.

For resolving QuickBooks email invoice problems, check if QuickBooks is running as an administrator. To do so, follow these steps:

Step 1: Choose the Properties option from the context menu by right-clicking on the QuickBooks icon.

Step 2: Choose the Compatibility tab.

Step 3: Uncheck the Run this application as an administrator option if it is checked.

Step 4: In the event that the phrase “Run this application as an administrator” is grayed out, choose the Show settings for all user’s options first.

Step 5: Finally, click “OK” to finish the process.

Now, Restart QuickBooks to check whether the error has been fixed.

Solution 4: Examine the antivirus settings on your computer.

Fixing QuickBooks won’t email invoices can be done by changing certain antivirus settings that may be blocking the connection. Depending on the antivirus you’re using, make sure to add these names to the list and allow port exceptions so that they can operate without restriction:

QBW32.exe – C:\Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooks [year]\QBW32.exe

QBDBMGRN.exe – C:\Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooks [year]\QBDBMgrN.exe

QBDBMGR.exe – C:\Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooks [year]\QBDBMgr.exe

Solution 5: Point of sale updates for QuickBooks 2022

Check to see if your copy of QuickBooks 2022 Point of Sale has been updated; if not, do so immediately to deal with the issue at hand. The steps to update QuickBooks POS are as follows:

Automatic Update Option

Step 1: Log in to the QuickBooks 2022 Point of Sale application.

Step 2: Verify your login status to see if you are logged in as an administrator or not.

Step 3: Select the Help menu option.

Step 4: Select the Software Update menu option. 

Step 5: Now choose Updater preference by navigating to the general tab. This tab has a button for automatically downloading updates. 

Step 6: To get more updates, select the Notify Me option from the list of choices.

Step 7: Click the OK button.

Now, whenever a new update is required or accessible, QuickBooks will download and install it immediately.

Manual Update Option

Step 1: Open the QuickBooks Point of Sale application and log in as the administrator.

Step 2: Choose the Help menu option.

Step 3: Now, from the newly displayed drop-down menu, choose the Software Update option.

Step 4: Choose the option of Check for Updates to see if there are any updates available. If the update is available, you can click on the update now option to start the updating process.

Step 5: Select the Update Now and OK buttons. After the update, your computer needs to be rebooted.

After you’ve done updating QuickBooks 2022 Point of Sale, check the webmail preferences in the preferences box.

To Examine and set preferences, follow the following steps as described below:

Step 1: Open QuickBooks 2022.

Step 2: From the drop-down bar, select the Edit option.

Step 3: From the menu, choose the Preferences option.

Step 4: The Preferences window contains the Left Menu. From the left menu, select the Send Forms link option.

Step 5: Choose the My Preferences tab.

Step 6: Select the email address that you want to use to send an invoice to, or that is currently in use.

Step 7: You must select the edit option in order to make changes.

Step 8: To have all the settings default, select the default option or select the SSL checkbox.

Step 9: To ensure that the server name corresponds to the email provider’s settings, check the Server name section.

Once you have finished and have set up everything in accordance with the instructions, you’re good to go.

Solution 6: Install and Launch the Diagnostic Tool for QuickBooks Desktop

More than not, component damage during application installation can cause email problems in QuickBooks. Therefore, you must use the QB Install Diagnostic Tool to repair any installation damage in the QuickBooks application. 

Following are the procedures to use the program to locate and fix the component issues:

Step 1: Download the QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool into the computer.

Step 2: When prompted, save the downloaded file to your computer’s local drive.

Step 3: Close all background programs and Run the Install Diagnostic Tool. Depending on the functionality of your machine and the speed of your internet connection, the program may take 20 minutes to install.

Step 4: Restart the computer when the installation is finished.

Step 5: Use the tool to find and fix any component problem if found.

Solution 7: Reinstall the Quickbooks for Windows program that is connected to QBW32Pro.exe after uninstalling it.

Follow the steps for Windows 7 and Windows Vista:

Step 1: Press the Start button to choose the Programs and Features option.

Step 2: Now select the Control Panel.

Step 3: Choose the Programs options.

Step 4: Press the Programs and Features options.

Step 5: Search for QBW32Pro.Exe-associated program in the Name column.

Step 6: Click the Uninstall button from the top menu.

Follow the directions as instructed to uninstall the QBW32Pro.exe-associated program.

Follow the following steps for Windows XP:

Step 1: Open Programs and Features by clicking the Start button.

Step 2: Press the Control Panel button.

Step 3: Then select Add or Remove Programs options.

Step 4: Look for QBW32Pro.Exe-associated program among the Currently Installed Programs.

Step 5: Click on QuickBooks to get Windows-associated entries.

Step 6: Choose the Remove option from among the options on the right side.

Follow the directions as instructed to uninstall the QBW32Pro.exe-associated program.

Follow the following steps for Windows 8:

Step 1: Right-click the Start Menu to access the Start Context Menu.

Step 2: Then select the Programs and Features option.

Step 3: Look for QBW32Pro.Exe-associated program in the Name column.

Step 4: Select the entry related to QuickBooks for Windows.

Step 5: Choose Uninstall/Change from the top menu.

Follow the directions as instructed to uninstall the QBW32Pro.exe-associated program.

Solution 8: Fix the Damaged MAPI32.dll File.

Resolving the issue of unable to email invoices in QuickBooks can be done by fixing the damaged MAPI32.dll File, the steps for which are as follows:

Step 1: Close all running programs on Windows.

Step 2: Open Windows File Manager and go to the C: Windows System32 folder.

Step 3: To run the Fixmapi.exe file, double-click on it. If Windows Explorer is unable to locate the file, you can manually search for it using the Windows Search tool.

After the software has fixed the MAPI32.dll file, launch QuickBooks and attempt to send an email.


Hopefully, the solutions listed here will help you get over the Quickbooks Won’t Send Email Invoices error. But if you still need help sending email invoices or professional assistance, immediately contact our customer service to avoid any inconvenience.

Implement the solutions given above to resolve the error; if you need help is available at +1-802-778-9005, or you can mail to us at: [email protected]


1. How Do I Change the QuickBooks Desktop Administrator Email?

You may occasionally want/need to modify the admin email associated with your QuickBooks Desktop or account. To accomplish the same, adhere to the following steps:

Step 1: Go to your Intuit account first, then log in with your account information.

Step 2:  Choose the Sign-in & Security option from the top right corner.

Step 3: Select and type in the desired Email address into the dialogue box.

Step 4: Change the email address in the necessary field, then click Save.

2. Can I check the version of QuickBooks 2022 that is currently in use before fixing the QuickBooks won’t send email invoices error?

To check which version of QB you are currently using, follow the following set of steps:

Step 1: Launch QuickBooks on your Windows computer.

Step 2: Hold down the F2 key, or you can also type Ctrl + 1 on your keyboard.

The QuickBooks Desktop software’s product information window will now open. Now, you can verify the version of QB you are currently using on your system.

3. How do I email a report from QuickBooks?

If you are utilizing QuickBooks Online Plus or Essentials,

Select Reports under Business Overview. Choose the Custom Reports options. Locate the report you want to schedule for email and click Edit in the Action column. To enable it, click on Set email schedule.

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