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How to Troubleshooting QuickBooks Payroll Service Server Error – Connection Error

Understanding and Resolving: QuickBooks “QuickBooks Payroll Service Server” error.

Understanding and Resolving: QuickBooks “QuickBooks Payroll Service Server” error.

QuickBooks is an all-under-one-roof solution for all your accounting, tax filing, and payroll services needs. Payroll administration is one of the most crucial features. QuickBooks Payroll has made this time-consuming operation much quicker and more effective, although occasionally, it may be hampered by an error. When attempting to transmit payroll information to QuickBooks Workforce or use the direct deposit feature offered by QuickBooks Payroll, the Payroll Service Server Error may occur.

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This article will go into great detail about this error and explain how to fix it.

What Leads to the QuickBooks Payroll Service Server Error?

  • Faulty security certificate: The security certificate for QuickBooks Payroll may be faulty, causing the Payroll Service Server error.
  • Network timeout: The error might occur as QuickBooks Desktop cannot access the server due to a network timeout.
  • Wrong Internet connection setup: In many cases, incorrect Internet connection setups can also create this error.
  • Firewall or antivirus-related settings: QuickBooks Payroll Service Server error may also be triggered by certain firewall or antivirus-related settings not being in the required order.
  • Wrong time and date setting: This error could also be caused by an incorrect system time and date.

Essential Tips to Resolve QuickBooks Payroll Service Server Error:

Error CausesSolutions
An old version of the Payroll Tax Table is being used.Download and install the most recent updates to the Payroll Tax Table.
The browser’s configuration settings aren’t configured correctly.Change the browser’s configuration settings.
Error with the system’s date and time settings.Update the system’s date and time settings.
The Windows firewall isn’t configured correctlyModify Firewall Configurations.
The internet connection settings are not configured correctly.Configuring the internet connection settings.
The QuickBooks Payroll Subscription has lost its validation for some reason.Revalidate the QuickBooks Payroll Subscription from the Employees tab.
Excesses amount of Temporary Internet Explorer files.Delete all the temporary Internet Explorer files.
The system antivirus is interrupting the functioning of the QuickBooks Payroll Tax Table.Disable the antivirus temporarily.
A disruption of internet connection on your computer.Verify the internet connection on your computer.
QuickBooks isn’t running on Single-User mode while sending QuickBooks Payroll data.As you send QuickBooks Payroll data, be sure that QuickBooks is running in Single-User mode.

Hopefully, the above solutions will help you overcome the QuickBooks Payroll Service Server error. But if you still need help regarding this issue or professional assistance, immediately contact our customer service to avoid any inconvenience and get an ease full experience.

Resolve it now button

How to Fix the Payroll Service Server Error in QuickBooks?

Following are multiple solutions for the payroll service server error in QuickBooks:

Solution 1: Download The Most Recent Updates To The Payroll Tax Table

To get the latest Payroll Tax Table update, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Choose the Employees option and select the Get Payroll Updates option.
Step 2: Select the ‘Download whole payroll update’ option once the window appears.
Step 3: Click on the Update Now button.
Allow the download to complete and finish installing. Once the update is complete, check if the error has been resolved.

Download The Most Recent Updates To The Payroll Tax Table

Solution 2: Change The Browser’s Configuration Settings

Follow the below steps to configure browser settings:

Step 1: Select the ‘Tools’ tab and then choose ‘Internet Options’ in the Internet Explorer browser.
Step 2: Choose ‘LAN Settings’ by clicking on the ‘Connection Tab.’
Step 3: Navigate to ‘Automatically Detect Settings.’ If you are not using a proxy server, leave the ‘Proxy Server’ option empty.
Step 4: Next, check the TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 boxes while leaving the TLS 1.2 box unchecked.
The browser settings have now been configured. Test whether the error has been rectified; if not, move on to the next solution.

Solution 3: Update the System’s Date and Time Settings

The time and date on your computer can also be changed as an effective solution for QuickBooks Desktop’s payroll service connection issue.

The methods listed below will help you do this:

Step 1: Check the date and time in the taskbar’s lower right corner to check whether they are correct.
Step 2: Right-click the time/date as soon as you notice any discrepancies in the date and time.
Step 3: Choose the option “Adjust date/time” from the drop-down list that appears.
Step 4: Now, click the option to modify the date and time in the Date and Time window. Set the Date to the current date in the calendar, then click “OK.”
Step 5: Nexox, select the Adjust time zone tab in the Date and Time box.
Step 6: Select the appropriate time zone, then click “OK.” 
Step 7: Click the Apply option to save and exit the window.

Open QuickBooks Payroll and prepare your tax returns, payroll, and other tasks once the date and time have been set correctly. Then, check whether the QuickBooks Payroll Service Connection Error has been eliminated.

Update the System’s Date and Time Settings

Solution 4: Modify Firewall Configurations

To change firewall settings, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the “Advanced Settings” of the Windows Firewall settings.
Step 2: Right-click on “Inbound Rules” to select the “New Rule” options from the pop-up menu.
Step 3: Choose the “QuickBooks” option on the new window and click the Next button.
Step 4: Now select the “This Program Path” option and look through the names to see if access has been allowed to QuickBooks and QuickBooks Payroll files. Suppose they haven’t, grant them access.
Step 5: Select the “Allow the Connection” option and click “Next.”
Step 6: To finish the procedure, give this new rule any name you choose and click the “Finish” button.

Solution 5: Configuring the Internet Connection Settings

Correction of incorrect internet configurations can help fix QuickBooks payroll connection errors.

To configure internet connection settings, follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Start by selecting the Help tab, then select the Internet Connection setup option.
Step 2: Choose your computer’s internet settings option and click Next.
Step 3: Go to Advanced Connection Settings and select LAN settings.
Step 4: Select the “Automatically Detect Settings” option from the menu.
Step 5: Click the “OK” button to save and complete the process.

Solution 6: Revalidate the QuickBooks Payroll Subscription

The steps to revalidate the QuickBooks Payroll Subscription are as follows:

Step 1: Select My Payroll Service from the Employees tab.
Step 2: Select the “Manage Service Key” option.
Step 3: Select the “Edit” option.
Step 4: Enter the “service key” you have.
Step 5: Next, select “Finish” to complete the procedure.

Revalidate the QuickBooks Payroll Subscription

Solution 7: Remove all the Temporary Internet Explorer Files

Following are the steps to delete temp files from Internet Explorer:

Step 1: Navigate to the Tools tab of Internet Explorer.
Step 2: Select the “General tab” option from Internet Options.
Step 3: Go to the “Browsing History” section and click on delete all. Ensure the boxes next to Website Files and Temporary Internet Files are checked.
Step 4: Confirm the Delete all prompt.
Step 5: Select OK after clicking Delete.
All temporary files from Internet Explorer have now been deleted.

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Solution 9: Disable the Antivirus Temporarily

Another proven way to fix this payroll issue is briefly removing the antivirus accesses and checking whether the QuickBooks payroll connection error got straightened out.

Disable the Antivirus Temporarily

Solution 10: Setting the QuickBooks Security Certificate

This payroll issue may arise due to the result of an invalid security certificate. In that situation, the user should configure the certificate manually.

The streamlined process is as follows:

Step 1: Right-click the .exe file in the QuickBooks directory and select the “Properties” option.
Step 2: Select the Digital Signatures tab, then pick an entry and check the Details option.
Step 3: From the Digital Signature Details window, select View Certificate.
Step 4: Click the Install Certificate button on the General tab of the Certificate window.
Step 5: Ensure the Store Location is set to Current User on the Certificate Import Wizard screen and click Next.
Step 6: Windows has already selected the certificate store in the Certificate Store window based on the kind of certificate in context. Select the “Finish” option and press OK.

Solution 11: Attempt Transmitting Payroll Data and Files by Adding “.Payroll.Com” and “QuickBooks.Com” to your List of Trusted Websites.

Step 1: Press the Windows + R keys together to launch the Run command.
Step 2: Open Internet properties by entering the “inetcpl.cpl” command and pressing the “OK” button.
Step 3: Click on the “The Security tab” option, then click on the “Trusted sites” option and click on the “Sites” option.
Step 4: Find the “Add this website to the zone” option.
Step 5: Add websites: and, to the list.
Step 6: Exit the window and navigate to the Custom level.
Step 7: In the Custom Level, navigate to the “Settings” option and select the miscellaneous category. 
Step 8: Then click the Enable button next to the “Access data source across domains tab” option.
Step 9: To save and exit, click Apply and press OK.

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Solution 12: Verify the Internet Connection On your Computer

If you’re using a router, reset it before filling up all of its tables because some routers only have a certain amount of storage allotted. The router must be turned off for 30 seconds before being turned back on during the reset process.

Watch for the system to re-establish the connection and proceed accordingly.

Verify the Internet Connection On your Computer

Solution 13: As you Send QuickBooks Payroll Data, Be Cure that QuickBooks is Running in Single-User Mode

Before sending QuickBooks Payroll data, make sure that QuickBooks is running in Single-User mode, as this might be the cause behind the “QuickBooks Payroll Service Server” error.

To do the respective, follow the below instructions:

Step 1: Make sure that no one else has logged into QuickBooks Desktop. If someone else is using the app, ask the other person to sign out.
Step 2: Switch to single-user mode from the “QuickBooks File Menu” option.
Step 3: After switching to single-user mode. Log into your QuickBooks account.
Try once more to transmit the payroll and check whether the error has been rectified.


Hopefully, the solutions listed above will help you overcome the QuickBooks Payroll Service Server error. But if you still need help regarding this issue or professional assistance, immediately contact our customer service to avoid any inconvenience and get an easefull experience.

Hopefully, the above-given information is useful for you. But if you still facing any kind of issues with your software and need professional assistance, regarding accounting, bookkeeping & accounting software-related issues then feel free to get in touch with us at +1-802-778-9005, or you can mail to us at: [email protected]


How Can I Immediately Fix the Payroll Service Error, and What are its Common Causes?

The QuickBooks payroll service error could result from a slip-up, expired security certificates, poor internet access, and many other reasons. There is no need to panic, though, as there are various instructions on how to solve it. Apply one of the options listed above to fix the QuickBooks Payroll Service Error, although no specific tool is available to fix this problem.

Can Both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop Experience Internet Connectivity Issues Simultaneously?

Yes, both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online are prone to these issues.

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Can the Issues with QuickBooks Internet Connection Be Caused by Antivirus Software?

Yes, the server and QuickBooks connection can be blocked by antivirus software. Therefore, users should add QuickBooks to the Firewall’s and Antivirus’s list of exceptions to bypass the error.

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