The QuickBooks Error Code 1601 occurs when the installation is not updated, and error code messages appear while running in this application. However, a few common things a user may want to know about the program they are trying to use.


  • This is caused when windows are infected with common attacks associated with the software package.
  • The problem created when downloading QuickBooks file error.
  • This problem is also caused when a Microsoft installer is corrupted.
  • The Windows installer 1601 error occurs when there is no permission to install it in the QuickBooks system or Windows Operating System.
  • This problem also occurs when all files are tied.
  • Every system unit of the program infected with the malware result has an error in 1601.

Fix Java 1601 Installation Error Helping Install QuickBooks?

There are various solutions to this. Here are some of them that can fix “Error 1601: Windows Installer Not Found” permanently:

Solution 1:

  • Click on the start button again in the search window, enter ‘msc’.
  • Select ACTIVITIES (HOME) and right-click on the ‘WINDOWS INSTALLER’ and PROPERTIES button.
  • Now, in the Startup tab, check the ‘DISABLED’ option. If so, then click and select an option such as ‘MANUAL’.
  • The user can click on ‘SERVICE STATUS’ and set it to ‘START’ to enable Windows.
  • If a Windows installer caused the error, this would solve the problem for you. If not, we have a few solutions to those problems.

Solution 2:

  • Go to the first button in Windows and enter ‘cmd’ in the search option to display the Command Prompt option.
  • Then type “msiexec / unregister.” Press the Enter key and close the Prompt command window.
  • Exit Windows and restart the computer. The user must install an application that created a Windows Installer service error.

Solution 3:

  • Go to the start button and press the Windows + R button.
  • Now, in the prompt command, type ‘exe / unreg’ and click OK.
  • When there is a pop-up dialog message requesting verification, the user can click and select OK to confirm.
  • Then click the START button and use the Windows + R button.
  • In the Prompt command, type ‘exe / regserver’ and click OK.
  • Click OK again when a confirmation message appears and confirm whether java install error 1601 QuickBooks is still in progress by installing the software program. If not, the user will need to download a new version of the windows installer.

Solution 4:

  • A third solution would be to install a diagnostic tool because it solves issues caused by various third parties, such as the NET Framework, MSXML, and C ++.
  • Now, start the program again and sign in as Administrator.
  • Then open the browser on the PC and look for the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.
  • Click on the Install Diagnostic Tool Download link and save the file in the local folder.
  • Then close the background application and double-click on the QBInstall_Tool_v2.exe file. Press the Run option.
  • It will then use a full scan of the system and fix all issues.

While the above causes and solutions may serve to resolve issues regarding the error code 1601, a user can also contact eBetterBooks Support at +1-844-929-2244, available at 24*7 for instant assistance.


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