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How To Write A Business Plan Cover Page

The first impression is the last; this phrase fits best for a business cover page. The business plan cover page might be your last choice while creating a successful business plan. But it’s one of the most important aspects to keep your business plan more professional and outstanding.

What Is A Business Plan Cover Page?

A business plan cover page represents all the critical information of a business, including your company logo, location, and other necessary details defining your enterprise. It is the first page of your business plan and needs to look professional.

Most entrepreneurs don’t even think much about the cover page of a business plan at first, even if it is one the most significant things to their business; they leave it for the last. 

Why do you think it is important? Because the cover page of business plan leaves the first impression on your potential investor or the bank. Try to keep it as simple and straightforward as possible; nobody likes complicated stuff.

This article’s medium will dive deeper into this topic and understand the importance of the cover page of business plan and structure it successfully.

Why Do You Need A Business Cover Page?

Your business cover page communicates the sealed document and encourages the reader to enquire about your business more. Its quality and façade depict the spirit of your business’s plan content.

Make sure your business plan cover is simple, straightforward, and neat. Do not muddle your business plan cover page with your business’s operating process; keep that for the executive summary. 

Your business plan cover must attractively introduce your business. 

Essential Elements To Include In Your Business Plan Cover Page Template?

Make sure the cover page of a business plan should contain the basics, like your contact details and some little information about your business.

You need to cover the following points to make a simple, straightforward, and net cover page:

  • The logo of your company.
  • Document title and the name of your business.
  • The address of your business and contact details.
  • The completion date of your business plan.
  • Confidentiality statement. 

How To Create a Cover Page for a Business Plan ?

After confirming the required piece of information that needs to get into the business plan cover page. Let us discuss how to organize this information the right way:

  • Logo

You can include the high-resolution logo right in the center of your business plan cover page. This will draw the attention of the reader and connect visually to your brand identity.

  • Title 

Allow some space to the logo, and right in the center, write “business plan” such as “five-year business plan.”

  • Name 

Write down your company’s name under the title in bold font. Make sure it is the most eye-catching and prominent feature of the cover page for a business plan. You must select the large fonts.

  • Contact Information 

If you own your business’s address and website, mention them under your company’s name. There should be enough contact details of your for the interested party to contact you quickly. You should mention your phone number, fax number, and email address as well. Designate yourself as the business owner on the cover page of a business plan and note your partners or the executive officers that your possible investors could recognize.

  • Date of Termination

Right below the contact information, mention the year and the month in which your business was issued.

  • Confidentiality Statement

Right into the bottom of the page, add the following lines: 

“This document holds confidential and proprietary information created by [business name]. This document is issued exclusively for information purposes. It should not be reproduced without the consent of [business’s name]” including a confidentiality statement protects your business idea as per the cover page guide.

Creative Business Plan Cover Page Examples

Let us finally look at some examples of a business plan cover page,  


The first illustration we will use is NASA. The cover page down below is a grant application, yet the basic rules apply to it.

NASA Business Plan Cover Page Example 1
NASA Business Plan Cover Page Example 1


The next one is from the reaction technology. It is basic and straightforward. The reader can recognize it is a five-year business plan cover and intends to expand their services.

write your business plan tips 2
write your business plan tips 2


Our last example is from a new business named “Eclipse” you can glance at its vital information right away.

write your business plan
write your business plan

Keep Your Cover Page Simple

Make sure you keep your business cover page simple and to the point. It must include the logo and the name of your business and also the contact information of yours. The simple it is, the easier it is for a reason to acknowledge your business.

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How do you write a cover page for a business plan?

  • To begin with, create a logo for your business.
  • Next, type the title and the name of the business.
  • List the company’s address and contact details now.
  • State the completion date and conclude with a confidentiality declaration.

What does the title page of a business plan look like?

The business plan cover page should include the following:

  1. The document’s title.
  2. The firm’s name.
  3. The corporate logo.
  4. The address.
  5. The names and titles of the owners.
  6. The date of the paper.


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