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Troubleshooting QuickBooks Printer Setup Not Opening Or Not Working?

Experiencing QuickBooks Printer Setup Not Opening issue while printing

Experiencing QuickBooks Printer Setup Not Opening issue while printing invoices or transactions?

Well, no worries, and read this blog and get your problem resolved.

If you have started using QuickBooks recently or are a pro user, you will probably be familiar with QuickBooks print issues.

Despite having uncountable features such as inventory management, and online payments, QuickBooks can encounter errors like, “Printer setup QuickBooks not working”, or not opening.

This issue prevents you from completing your task on time and hampers your business growth. The availability of missing or corrupted components in QuickBooks or any issues with your printer or system may trigger printing error.

Here’s a List of Some Common Printing Errors:

  • Could not print Invoices or Cheques.
  • QuickBooks Unrecoverable error.
  • Not able to save the form or reports as a .pdf file.
  • QuickBooks PDF Converter Activation Error -20, -30, or -41.
  • 1099 form Printing Problems.
  • Encounter error 1722 or 1801 while installing PDF Converter.
  • Printer Driver Host for 32-bit Applications has Stopped Working.
Common Printing Errors

Why Do You End Up with QuickBooks Printer Setup Not Opening Issue?

There are a variety of factors that might interfere with your printer set up in QuickBooks Desktop.

Some common ones are highlighted below:

  • Printer drivers or software are not installed properly.
  • Either your Printer is switched off, or the paper tray doesn’t have printing paper.
  • Printer is selected as a default printer.
  • The Printer is Offline or deactivated.
  • Another reason is if you are using the wrong Printer while printing.

How to Identify Printer Setup QuickBooks Not Working Problem?

Below are some common signs and symptoms that help to detect the exact issue:

  • Unable to print your invoices.
  • The user can’t save files as PDFs.
  • QuickBooks is not responding or crashing.
  • The mouse and keyboard inputs work slowly or sluggishly.
  • QuickBooks freezes whenever you attempt to reconcile accounts.
Resolve it now button

Most Relevant Solutions to Eliminate Printer Setup QuickBooks Not Working Issue!

If you are unable to print cheques or invoices due to QuickBooks Printer misconfiguration, carefully adhere to the steps listed below.

Case 1: Improper Installation of Printer Drivers & Software

Wrong installation of printer drivers or software can cause Printer setup QuickBooks not working error.

Below are the steps to overcome it:

Solution 1: Install the Printer Drivers

  1. Navigate to the Windows Start menu and then look for Devices and Printer.
  2. Select Add a New Printer once the window opens up.
  3. Click the Add a Local Printer option from the list.
  4. Press the Use an Existing Port button.
  5. Hit the Next tab.
  6. When you notice the Driver window, you will have to choose the alternatives linked with the model of your printer.
  7. Lastly, click Next and it starts downloading or installing the drivers required for QuickBooks to function properly.
Install the Printer Drivers

Solution 2: Set Up Your Printer Correctly

  1. To begin with, switch off the printer and restart your system, then turn your printer back on.
  2. Check that the papers are loading in the printer’s paper tray.
  3. Press the Windows or Start button and navigate to the Control Panel.
  4. After this, click twice on the “Printers and Faxes” icon.
  5. If the printer is Offline, right-click the Printer tab and choose Use Printer Online.
  6. You must double-click the Printer option, and if there are print jobs displayed in the queue, select Printer and then press the Cancel All Documents tab.
  7. At last, right-click on the Printer icon and choose Properties. Then hit the Print Test Page tab.
Set Up Your Printer Correctly

Important: If the printer is a network printer and the test page doesn’t print, this may lead to network issues.

Case 2: If Your Printer is Offline or Switch-Off Suddenly

Your Printer set up in QuickBooks Desktop can be interrupted if your printer does not respond or due to no papers in your printer’s paper tray. So make sure your printer is turned on and sufficiently loaded with papers.

Here’s how to print QuickBooks reports:

  • The initial step is to open the QuickBooks software and go for the report you wish to print.
  • Now, hover over the File menu once you are done.
  • Choose the Print option.
  • Afterward, navigate to the drop-down menu and click the Printer tab.
  • Herein, you have to select the name of the printer you’d like to use for printing the report of documents.
  • In the end, press the Print button.
Printer is Offline or Switch Off Suddenly

Case 3: If Your Printer is Not Marked As a Default Printer in QuickBooks

At times, the QuickBooks printer set up is Not Opening due to corruption in the QBprint.qbp file. Now, you need to set up your printer as the default in QuickBooks.

Here’s how:

  • Press the Start button and select Settings to open the Control Panel.
  • Now, navigate to the Printers and Faxes tab.
  • Hit right-click on a working printer under the Printers and Faxes dialog window.
  • After this, choose the Set as Default Printer option.
  • Close the Windows Printer and Faxes window and start QuickBooks.
  • Finally, go back to the Printer Setup window to verify the changes.

It is to be noted that if you fail to reset the default printer, right-click the printer name and delete it.

Case 4: If You Choose the Wrong Printer While Printing

To avoid such printing-associated errors, you must be sure that the printer you’re using is the right one.

Here’s how:

  • In QuickBooks, click on the form you’re going to print.
  • Head to the File menu and choose Printer Setup.
  • Ensure that the printer name is similar to the name of the printer you want to use. If not, correct the setup within your computer’s Printer Setup window.
  • Hit the Help section to get more info about the settings.

Case 5: If Nothing Work, Try Printing With a Different Printer

  • Go to the File menu and then select Printer Setup in QuickBooks.
  • Choose the form you wish to print.
  • You must select a different printer, like the Microsoft XP printer.
  • Click Help in this area to get more assistance with these settings.
Try Printing With a Different Printer


Hopefully, the above-given information is useful for you. But if you still facing any kind of issues with your software and need professional assistance, regarding accounting, bookkeeping & accounting software-related issues then feel free to get in touch with us at +1-802-778-9005, or you can mail to us at: [email protected]


What Should Be Considered Before Troubleshooting Printer Setup QuickBooks Not Working Issue?

When you start, always check out the following points:

  • You update QuickBooks to the most recent release.
  • Your computer is linked to the printer.
  • Make sure the latest printer driver is installed in your system.
  • There are no error notifications or warning lights on your printer.

How Can I Fix My Printer in QuickBooks?

Running the Print and PDF Repair tool is the best way to rectify printing-related errors in QuickBooks Desktop.

Let’s see how:

  • Firstly, select Program Problems under the QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  • Now, click on QuickBooks PDF & Print Repair Tool. It will take a few minutes to run.
  • At last, try to print or save as a PDF from QuickBooks Desktop again.

Why Am I Unable to Print Invoices in QuickBooks Desktop?

There are a couple of reasons behind not being able to print invoices in QuickBooks Desktop, such as improper connection between QuickBooks software and the printer or missing printer drivers, etc.

Is There Any Alternative Way to Resolve Print Problems in QuickBooks Desktop?

Sometimes, unwanted temporary files may also be a major cause of printing-associated issues.

Therefore, you are recommended to reset the temp folder permissions using the steps described below:

  • Hold and press the Windows + R keys to open the RUN command.
  • Now, you need to type %TEMP% and click Enter.
  • Hit right-click on the empty area of the temp folder, and choose Properties.
  • Select the Security option.
  • Verify that all usernames and groups under security have Full Control.
  • When the permissions have been set to Full Control, go to QuickBooks and select, “save as a PDF.”

Which PDF Printer Does QuickBooks Use?

QuickBooks only uses parts of the XPS Document Writer (Microsoft Windows product) to save as a PDF.

Follow the below given steps to check if you can print to your XPS:

  • In the first place, open Notepad.
  • Now, write down Test and go to the File menu, then select Print.
  • Click on the XPS Document Writer, and then press the Print icon.
  • Enter a filename and save it to your desktop.
  • Lastly, hover over your desktop and view the XPS document you printed from the notepad.

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