QuickBooks Error 6177 cause when users try to access the corporate file. The message for error reflects on the screen as “QuickBooks is attempting to open this Corporate file”. It states the QuickBooks is not able to follow the way for opening the corporate file. To resolve this error, be sure that you have the updated version of the QB Desktop. Furthermore, you need to reboot your system and look if the error is fixed.


  • Malware or Virus infections
  • File or file path gets corrupted
  • QB related system support file deleted by accident

QuickBooks error code 6177 doesn’t let any employee access the corporate file from their respective workstation, and the message keeps on reflecting with each and every try. It can get frustrating.

QuickBooks Error 6177: Solution

Solution 1- Transfer Corporate file to Hard drive

  • Firstly, go to the corporate file and C: drive via server
  • Open the corporate file using QB
  • Make a portable file and save it in the local C drive
  • Shut the corporate file and re-store the portable file while saving it to the server
  • Select your corporate file and open it from your server

Solution 2- Run QB file doctor

Install and use QuickBooks file doctor to resolve the problem; this tool detects and rectifies most of the QuickBooks related problems.

Solution 3- Manually fix Error 6177

  • Shut all the QB related files
  • Delete the automated generated Network Descriptor (ND) file
  • Open the corporate file folder and look for the.ND file extension file
  • Right-click and select delete on .ND file
  • Arrange QB database manager
  1. Click on the start menu and choose programs
  2. Go to QB and select QB database server manager
  3. Click Windows key and search and click for QB database manager for windows 8 users
  4. Click on the “Add Folder” option
  5. Click on the scan option
  6. After the scanning is complete, shut the window:
  • Follow these steps to see whether you have ample no. of permissions to access the file:
  • Sharing the files: visit the Set-up folder permission webpage and make sure that the permissions are accurately set.
  • Set permissions for QB: clear the options completely and simply choose QB
  • Open QB corporate file via local path
  • Opened files on the hosting server can lead to QB Error 6177, however, you are required to make sure that the corporate file is located on the network:
  1. Open “My Computer” and in case you find your file in a network location or network device then right-click and choose properties
  2. Then, open corporate files through Hard Drive
  • Create another folder:
  1. Press “Window+E” to open My Computer
  2. Double-click on C drive and make a new folder
  3. Open the new data folder and copy the corporate file in it.

Configure the QB Database Manager

  • Press on the window icon, select QB from programs and got to the QB database manager.
  • Select the add folder option and press okay when you find the corporate file
  • Repeat the above-mentioned steps and press the Scan button
  • Verify the corporate file access permission in the window by seeking “Set-up Folder Permissions” to share a file web page.
  • In case QB is installed, turn off hosting. After that, open the corporate file for which the error was shown, via the local path.

The steps mentioned above will help you solve QuickBooks Error 6177. In case you cannot fix QuickBooks Error 6177 or are unable to understand the issue, reach out to us on eBetterbooks Error Support contact number +1-844-929-2244 for immediate support.


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