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How Much Are Our Monthly Bookkeeping Services Fees?

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Monthly Bookkeeping Services Fees

Our monthly bookkeeping services fees include expert consultation every month to address any updates available. It could be in the form of phone calls or emails.

Are you tired of finding a certified bookkeeper or bookkeeping services for your business at affordable rates? A good bookkeeper costs you a lot? Worry not anymore because we have brought you quality services at affordable rates.

Our bookkeeping services fees range between $99 to $229 a month, and it hinges on the number of bank accounts, credit cards, and the average of transactions you have got monthly. Bookkeeping pricing

So, how much is monthly bookkeeping? Let’s discover this in detail.

  • Bookkeeping Fee Structure

Many bookkeeping service providers would try to lure you with a specific amount without declaring the hidden costs. However, there are no hidden costs in our bookkeeping fee structure, only fixed monthly bookkeeping fees that could range between $99 to $229.

  • No Forever and a Day Contracts

Contracts with eBetterBooks accounting are every month; therefore, we do not offer long-term contracts; we do not believe in being possessive, i.e., we do not need to fasten you in some long term contracts to show our value off. We want to build our relationship on the foundation of trust, care, and honesty, and we assure you once you try our services, you will come back with free will.

Vitality of Monthly Bookkeeping:

  • Assistance

Bookkeeping has numerous advantages, it helps keep your financial transactions organized, but it is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is a hectic job to find a suitable bookkeeper first so that the manager or the owner could focus on the other business-boosting tasks.

Well, you can cheer up now because you can leave your bookkeeping task to our experts; it will save you a bulk of time and money.

We can assure you that eBetterBooks will be one of your most significant assets for your scaling business!

  • Benefits

The sole purpose of bookkeeping is to process your financial transactions and make decisions profitable for your business. It provides financial discernment to boost your business.

  • Are there any other paths to realize if your business is making a profit?
  • Is there any other way to track sales made each month?

The answer is NO, but bookkeeping services.

The chances are low that you know a lot about accounting; this can cause your decision-making hurdles. You can make smart and enlightened decisions with to date bookkeeping services that we provide.

Our experts will give their best to make your life way more comfortable with their knowledge and skills, and no longer need to panic about learning new technology in accountancy.

  • Accuracy

Bookkeeping provides you multiple benefits, including accuracy and organization. You can keep a better track of your financial transactions and make sure that all the customers are getting their bills correctly and paying your tradesmen promptly.

  • Time-Saving

It does not matter if your business has just established or has been in the field for over 30 years; bookkeeping has always been time-consuming.
Our bookkeeping services will save you a ton of time; feel free to use it as you please.

Your books + our experts = free time + saved costs + hiked productivity + better quality services.

You will never have to “google how” again, just leaving everything up to us.

  • Cost-Effective

Bookkeeping services lay aside a ton of your money. With updated experts, feel free to enjoy the benefits of all tax deductions.

You cut bookkeeping services rates when you hire from an external source; you pay the expert hourly, whereas hiring a full-time in-house bookkeeper would cost you around $45k to 450k per annum. Outsourced bookkeeping services cost just a small fragment of that.

  • Smooth Taxation Process

Your tax process becomes smoother with the bookkeeping services since you have reconciled balance sheets, resulting in your tax return a piece of cake.

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How We Handle Your Bookkeeping?

Expect smooth expert services at low rates and quality service; we will manage and organize your books according to your preferences and needs.

Once you reach out to us, we will provide you with a questionnaire to know your business better. Furthermore, we will amalgamate your existing books with our software, or if you want, we could start afresh, whatever your preference is

Every month we will provide you a complete and accurate financial statement that includes: balance sheets, profit, and loss statements, and income statements. We can also produce customized reports according to your needs and preference.

Why Should You Use eBetterBooks Bookkeeping Services?

  • eBetterBooks is your new business partner. We have experts who would help you out with your bookkeeping requirements.
  • We use the updated technology resulting in our bookkeeping services efficiently and well organized; therefore, you save a ton of bookkeeping price packages.
  • We will never compromise with data security, and you can feel secured about your data.
  • We guarantee to best delivered customer service and respond to all your questions and concerns.
  • We can not wait to show you how simple and fascinating it is to work with us.

Our Monthly Average Bookkeeping Rates


$49 / Month

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$99 / Month


$139 / Month

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$249 / Month

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