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How to Fix Unable to Print Invoices From QuickBooks

How to Fix Unable to Print Invoices From QuickBooks

How to Fix Unable to Print Invoices From QuickBooks

Printing process is an important part of any business to print invoices, reports or any other paperwork for record keeping and sharing. For the same purpose, QuickBooks offers a feature through which users can print their invoices and store them electronically in the system.

However, while using this feature, users may face an error unable to print invoices from QuickBooks. This error interrupts the smooth operation of the software and slows down the workflow. It occurs due to issues with printer setting, outdated versions of software or problems with invoice templates.

Read the complete article to know the causes of printing errors, how it affects the work and how it can be resolved.

What are the types of printing issues in QuickBooks?

  • Printer is unable to print invoices and checks.
  • Desktop stops responding.
  • Not able to email in PDF files, make prints, or reconcile the balances.
  • Attempting to generate, email, or print a pay stub or payroll reports results in a receiving error, the QB program closing, or nothing happens.
  • QuickBooks W2 printing error.

KeyTakeaways: QuickFix

eBetterBooks offers relevant solutions for the common printing error “Unable To Print Invoices from QuickBooks” in a simple manner. Consider the following quick fixes for easy understanding:

Cause: If the printer is not right for QuickBooks.

Solution: Ensure using the right printer.

Cause: If the printer is not set up correctly.

Solution: Configure the printer settings.

Cause: If the error occurs due to XPS document writer.

Solution: Make sure the communication between QuickBooks and the XPS document writer.

Reasons Behind Why Unable To Print Invoices from QuickBooks Error Occurs

Unable To Print Invoices from QuickBooks Error is a common issue which disrupts the invoicing and accounting process of any business. Many factors are responsible which evoke this error to occur, out of which some common reasons are mentioned below:

Printer is Turned Off

QuickBooks relies on a functional printer to generate invoices and various financial documents. Neglecting to ensure that the printer is powered on or correctly connected can lead to errors in the printing process. This typically results in failed invoice print attempts, which can hinder the business operations.

Empty Paper Tray

When QuickBooks tries to submit print jobs, an empty paper tray may act as a barrier to the printing process and result in problems. These mistakes may result in printed papers having missing pages or even errors that hamper the work flow.

Not Logged in as Administrator

QuickBooks functions under restricted permissions if the user is not logged in as admin. This indicates that it might not have the necessary permissions to access the default printer. Therefore, QuickBooks fails to perform the printing tasks and invoicing process.

Incorrect Printer

The selection of the correct printer plays an important role when it comes to printing invoices from QuickBooks. Users face the error “unable to print invoices from QuickBooks” when QuickBooks sends a print command to a printer that isn’t designated as the default printer or doesn’t exist. Due to which, the printing invoice process is affected.

Issue with XPS Document Writer

QuickBooks uses XPS document writer to convert invoices and financial transactions into a digital format. Additionally, the software processes and transmits data into printers using the XPS document writer. The issue “unable to print invoices” happens when there’s a communication breakdown between QuickBooks and the XPS document writer.

What things need to be considered before starting resolving the QuickBooks print problem?

  • Make sure to download the latest version of QuickBooks.
  • Ensure to have a stable internet connection.
  • Connect the printer with your system and install it correctly.

How to Fix Error Unable To Print Invoices from QuickBooks

Users often face difficulties when attempting to send print invoices with QuickBooks. To resolve this error, we have provided you the comprehensive guide with troubleshooting methods:

Fix 1: Use the Right Printer

  • Select the File tab and Click on the Printer Setup tab in the particular QuickBooks Application.
  • Select the Form you want to print and print it.
  • Printer name must match the exact name of the printer the user is using. If not, correct the setup within the computer’s Printer Setup.

Fix 2: Set the Printer Correctly

  • Restart the system and turn on the printer.
  • Ensure to load the printer paper correctly.
  • Choose Start,then Control Panel and then double click Printers and Faxes.
  • Right click the Printer and select Use Printer Online if the printer shows offline.
  • If print tasks are visible in the queue when you double-click the printer, choose Printer > Cancel All Documents.
  • Close the Window.
  • To print a test page, right-click the printer, choose Properties, and then click Print.

Fix 3: Adjust Windows User Permission for XPS document writer

  • Open Printer Control in Windows.
  • Right-click on the Microsoft XPS Document Writer and choose Printer properties (Windows 7 & 8) or Properties (Windows Vista) to access the Printers Control panel in Windows.
  • Select the Everyone user group after clicking on Security.
  • Select Print from the Allow column and click OK.
  • Open Windows Explorer and go to C:\Windows\System32\spool.
  • Select Properties from Printers.
  • After selecting Security, click Add.
  • After entering Local Service, hit Enter.
  • Verify that Local Service has Full Control before choosing OK.
  • Try opening QuickBooks and making a.pdf file.
  • Verify whether this resolves the invoice printing issue.

Also Consider:

  • Ensure to use the Notepad to check if the printer is functional outside QuickBooks.
  • Make sure the printer is turned on.
  • Make sure that the paper tray is stocked and ready for the print. 
  • It is important to be logged in as administrator as it permits QuickBooks to give necessary permissions and print invoices without any problems.

Bottom Line

This article gives an overview of What is the error Unable to Print Invoices from QuickBooks, Why it occurs and How it can be resolved. Users can use the above mentioned troubleshooting methods to get rid of the error hassle-free.

If you still face any issue or have any query related to this error or QuickBooks error, Call us at +1-802-778-9005 or send us an email at [email protected] to get your doubts cleared by our experts.

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