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QuickBooks Payroll Setup Error (00000 XXXXX)

Due to the QuickBooks Payroll setup error 00000 XXXXX,

Due to the QuickBooks Payroll setup error 00000 XXXXX, the payroll service cannot be configured and activated and also leads to the payroll service setup wizard crashing as a result. 

When users attempt to run the payroll setup wizard from within the QuickBooks accounting software they get an error notice with a lengthy code.

The “QuickBooks Payroll Setup Error” typically occurs due to various reasons. One common cause is incorrect or incomplete information entered during the payroll setup, such as employee details, tax information, or payroll preferences. Additionally, issues with the QuickBooks software itself or outdated payroll tax tables can trigger this error.

To resolve the QuickBooks payroll setup error, the user must review the report and search for an exception that is the problem.

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What is QuickBooks Payroll Setup Error?

QuickBooks Payroll Setup Error refers to any issue encountered while setting up the payroll feature in QuickBooks. Numerous factors might cause this error, including incorrect settings, outdated software, internet access troubles, and company file problems.

The standard steps for fixing these issues include:

  • Checking and modifying the payroll settings.
  • Upgrading the software.
  • Ensuring a reliable internet connection.
  • Occasionally contacting QuickBooks helps.

The following are some of the error codes that you could see while setting up the payroll setup for QuickBooks: 00000 38049, 00002 71328, 00002 20123, 00000 17002, 00000 88579, 00000 38772, 00000 97340, 00000 88703, 00000 88703, 00000 40370, 00000 99867, and 00000 34289. The error numbers range from 00000 00001 to 00000 99999.

eBetterBooks: Quick Fix

ReportHeader.xml file corruption causing data disruptionOpen QuickBooks, choose “View Report,” and make the required adjustments to the ReportHeader.xml file to resolve the QuickBooks Payroll Setup issue.
Conflicting duplicate listings for a vendorOpen the Vendor Centre, choose the issue vendor, give them a special name, and save your adjustments to resolve.
Name duplication in the employee list causing entry error and conflicting recordsDelete redundant employee listings by going to the Employee Center, choosing “All Employees,” and fixing the issue.
Employee names that are improperly spaced or formatted leads to errors in verificationFix by going to the Employee Center, eliminating blank spaces from employee names, and entering the right First and Last Names in any left blank boxes.
Unsupported font style will lead to errors in compilation and report generationTo solve this problem, modify the Control Panel’s font settings, provide the client with the proper font style, and adhere to the font installation instructions displayed on the Screen.
Invalid payroll item setup for local taxes will be incompatible with the calculation formatCreate an Employee Withholding report, remove and customize the tax elements, and then print or export the report to Excel to address the problem.
Inaccurate payroll item listing leading to setup issuesSelect the Payroll Item Listing report, edit it by removing check-marks from item sections, change the report’s status to Active, add filters, and then print or export the report to fix this issue.

Reasons of Causes for The QuickBooks Payroll Setup Error?

The QuickBooks Payroll Setup Error occurs due to various reasons. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Corrupted ReportHeader.xml can prevent QuickBooks Payroll Setup from working properly by disrupting the generation and display of essential setup information.
  • Conflicts might arise during the payroll setup process due to incorrect or redundant employee or vendor data entries.
  • Giving the wrong file name, particularly for the vendors or employee list, might need to be clarified and corrected while setting up the payroll.
  • The setup procedure can be affected by names, timesheet entries, or other data that contain special characters, unsupported characters, or inappropriate file formats.
  • The correct payroll setting in QuickBooks might need to be improved by data integrity issues, such as missing or damaged records.
  • The storage category map associated with the local tax payroll item can be invalidated by improper configuration, prohibiting QuickBooks Payroll configuration from operating correctly.
  • A payroll item listing report that contains mistakes as a result of incorrect payroll item listing might prohibit QuickBooks Payroll Setup from operating correctly.

How To Fix The QuickBooks Payroll Setup Error?

Fix the QuickBooks Payroll Setup error with the help of the solutions mentioned below:

Appearance of error ‘Payroll Setup Error Code Format 00000 XXXXX’ on the Screen

These are the procedures that must be taken if the error code Payroll Setup Error Code 00000 XXXXXX displays on your Screen:

  • Open the QuickBooks.
  • Select “View Report” from the menu.
  • Create a new window that details every detail about the unrecoverable error.
  • Double-click the ReportHeader.xml file name in the window list to open it.
  • Open the Internet Explorer.
  • Find the ReportHeader.xml file if the source isn’t available.
  • Open Files Explorer.
  • Find the ReportHedaer.xml file.
  • Right-click the ReportHeader.xml file.
  • Select Open in a new window from the drop-down menu.
  • This will open your file and start Internet Explorer.
  • Press the CTRL + F.
  • Search for the error code 0.
  • Now, reports will appear on your Screen with specific details about the error.
  • Make all new changes due to fixing the QuickBooks Payroll setup issue.

Appearance of error ‘This Item Has Already Been Added’ on the Screen.

If Your Screen Displays This Item Has Already Been Added in the Exception String 0 Statement, then do the following actions:

  • Open QuickBooks.
  • Select the Vendor Centre under the Vendors menu.
  • Find the Identified Vendor who is causing the issue.
  • The seller may get mentioned twice.
  • Users must now give their account a new name that is unique to them.
  • Double-click on the Vendor Name and save any new changes; you may do so.

Existence of ‘Duplicate Entry from Employee List’

The QuickBooks Payroll Error Code 00000 may appear when they find a duplicate name in the employee list.

To get rid of the duplicate names from the Employee Center, follow the steps below:

  • Open QuickBooks.
  • Go to the top menu and choose the Employees Option.
  • Select the Employee Center.
  • Click “View” and choose All Employees from the drop-down box.
  • Choose Delete Employee from the right-click menu on the Duplicates.

Appearance of Blank Characters on Employee Names in the Employee Center

Characters can be solely typed into the Print on Check As section in the Employee Profile or names with a space before them.

To fix this problem, look at the procedures listed below.

  • Select Employees from the top menu and click on the Employee Center.
  • Select All Employees from the View drop-down to include inactive employees.
  • Check to see whether there are any unnecessary spaces in the employee name sets.
  • Fill out the blanks with the First and Last Name manually.

Appearance of error “Font Arial Does Not Support Style Regular” Or “Email The Customer The Arial Font” on the Screen.

If the error “Font Arial Does Not Support Style Regular” or “Email The Customer The Arial Font” appears on your Screen, your font is not supported.

  • Go to Settings and choose the Control Panel to alter the typefaces.
  • Drag and Drop the Typeface Content into an email you must send to the customer.
  • The Item will be Delivered as an attachment.
  • Click the Install button and Perform the on-screen directions.

Appearance of error “The storage category map is invalid for the Local tax payroll item” on the Screen

To fix the issue “The Storage Category Map Is Invalid For The Local Tax Payroll Item,” the user must create an Employee Withholding.

  • Select Reports and then Employees & Payroll.
  • Click on the Employee Withholding.
  • Remove the checkmarks from the current items from the Columns section, then check the box next to Employee, then choose Customize Report. Local taxes include Local taxes 1, Local taxes 2, Local taxes 3, Local taxes 4, Local taxes 5, Local taxes 6, Local taxes 7, Local taxes 8, Local taxes 9, Local taxes 10, Local taxes 11, and Local taxes 12.
  • Go to Active Status under the Filters menu and click All.
  • To print or export it to Excel, click OK.

Make a Payroll Item Listing report.

Create A Payroll Item Listing Report To Get Rid Of This Error.

  • Select the Payroll item listing from the Reports menu after opening it.
  • Choose Customize Report. 
  • Remove every checkmark from the item sections.
  • Switch to the Active Status and then choose All
  • Open the filters tab and Click the OK button.
  • Wait to close the report before printing or exporting to Excel.

To ensure results after completing the steps above, follow the advice below. 

  • Compare the two reports to look for the local taxes that aren’t other types.
  • Every Employee has a tax item, but double-check that there isn’t another one that has to be changed. 
  • To display the Edit employee window, open the Employee Withholding report and double-click on “Employees.”
  • After selecting the “Payroll info” option, select the Taxes button.
  • Switch to another tab to erase the tax item, but be careful not to enter anything else. 
  • Double-click OK to save all recent changes. 
  • Run the payroll setup once more, evaluate the results, and determine whether the problem has been fixed.

Best Practices: Avoiding QuickBooks Payroll Setup Issue

  • Make sure file names are accurate and avoid duplicate entries for employees.
  • Avoid using special characters when filling out timesheets to prevent mistakes.
  • Ensure QuickBooks software is updated to fix any potential issues or problems.
  • Conduct regular payroll settings and data audits to identify and quickly fix issues.
  • Backup payroll information regularly to prevent loss and speed up recovery in case of mistakes.
  • Keep thorough records of the instructions and processes for setting up payroll for reference.

Final Words

Dealing with QuickBooks Payroll Setup Errors involves correct configuration checks, employee/vendor entries, and file integrity. Timely software updates, accurate naming conventions, and careful tax item setup are important. Addressing these issues diligently ensures a smooth and error-free payroll setup experience in QuickBooks.

Hopefully, the above-given information is useful for you. But if you still facing any kind of issues with your software and need professional assistance, regarding accounting, bookkeeping & accounting software-related issues then feel free to get in touch with us at +1-802-778-9005, or you can mail to us at: [email protected]

FAQ (Write 3 Highly Relevant Questions with Answers)

What Causes a Payroll Setup Error in QuickBooks?

This problem can occur for many reasons, or clients need help figuring out payroll taxes. The two most frequent causes were when employees’ last payroll gross earnings were insufficient, or their yearly income exceeded the compensation limit.

How Can the QuickBooks Payroll Setup Error Be Fixed?

Choose “About QuickBooks” from the drop-down menu under the Help menu. Next, simultaneously press the Ctrl, Alt, and Y keys. Click the Next button to be taken to the Employee Summary Information window. Then, choose the underpaid employees. Double-click the name of the Employee, then review the details of the change. Press the OK button to finish the software.

How to Resolve or Address the errors in Quick Books Payroll Setup?

To address the “QuickBooks Payroll Setup Error,” users can take several steps. Firstly, they should review and ensure that all payroll setup information is accurate and complete, including employee details, tax information, and payroll preferences. Users should also ensure that they are using the latest version of QuickBooks and that payroll tax tables are up-to-date. If the error persists, running the QuickBooks Payroll Setup Tool can help identify and resolve setup issues.

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