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How to Fix Unable To Create Accountant’s Copy In QuickBooks Desktop Error

In QuickBooks, an Accountant’s Copy is a version of

In QuickBooks, an Accountant’s Copy is a version of a Company file that a user may use to prepare data changes before starting working. Users may easily and conveniently import the modified QuickBooks Accountant transfer file back into a working business file when they are ready to make adjustments.

This error may occur due to outdated software, long dashes in text files, or a slow internet connection. To resolve this issue, read the complete article for a better understanding and relevant solutions.
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Key Takeaways: QuickFix

Cause: If the user is facing an Unable To Create Accountant’s Copy In QuickBooks Desktop Error due to an outdated version of QuickBooks.

Solution: Ensure the software has the updated version for smooth operation.

Cause: If the company data file is damaged and the user is encountering problems with the accountant’s copy.

Solution: Use the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool to fix damaged files.

Cause: If the QBW file size is greater than 200 MB and unable to send the file to the Intuit Server.

Solution: Create a portable version of the company file, Create/Restore the portable company file, or Manually save and send QBX/QBY as a process of compressing file size.

Cause: QuickBooks Unable to Create Accountant’s Copy problem can arise If there are long dashes in MS Word.

Solution: Before sending the file to the Intuit Server, ensure there are no long dashes in the text.

Cause: Error Unable To Create Accountant’s Copy In QuickBooks also arises if the file name has special characters.

Solution: Users must ensure that the file name does not have any special characters like commas, full stops, etc.

Reasons Behind Why Unable To Create Accountant’s Copy Error Occurs In QuickBooks

QuickBooks Unable to Create Accountant’s Copy Error is a software issue that prevents the software from making an Accountant Copy used by the accountants. Below are the reasons why this error occurs:

  • Outdated QuickBooks version: This error can be caused if QuickBooks is not updated with the latest version.
  • Damaged Company Data File: QuickBooks is unable to create an accountant copy if the Company Data File is damaged.
  • QBW file exceeds size limit: QuickBooks Unable to Create Accountant’s Copy problem occurs if the QBW file is 200 MB or exceeds the size.
  • Long Dash in MS Word: Users may face this problem by getting a long dash in MS Word and then copying it as it is in Notepad.
  • Special Characters in File Name: Unable to create an accountant copy issue in QuickBooks can occur if the Company File Name has special characters.

How to Fix QuickBooks Unable to Create Accountant’s Copy Error

Go through the complete section after reading the actual causes of the problem of why QuickBooks does not create Accountant’s Copy. Here is the complete list of solutions with step-by-step guidance:

Solution 1: Update QuickBooks to the Latest Version

The accountant file transfer service works only with QuickBooks Desktop 2017 (R14), 2018 (R12), or 2019 (R9), and also QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 17 (R14), 8 (R12), or 19 (R9). Follow the steps mentioned below to update QuickBooks to the latest version:

  1. Go to Help and click on Update QuickBooks Version.
  2. Search for the Update Now tab and ensure that the box is checkmarked for reset updates.
  3. Click on Get Updates.
  4. Restart QuickBooks after the download process is completed.
  5. Perform the on-screen instructions to install the new version.

Solution 2: Run QuickBooks File Doctor

Fix Damage Company Data File with the use of QuickBooks File Doctor. Download and Install the QuickBooks Tool hub. Then run the Quick Fix My File and finally follow the steps to run the QuickBooks File Doctor:

  1. Select Company File from the tool hub.
  2. Select Run QuickBooks File Doctor (It will take up to 1 minute to open the file doctor.)
  3. Select the Company File from the drop-down in QuickBooks File Doctor. (In case you can’t find your file, make use of the Browse and Search option to find it.)
  4. Click on Check your File.
  5. Click on Continue.
  6. Enter your QuickBooks credentials and click on Next.

(The scan time can take up to 10-15 minutes, depending on the file size. Also, the scanning procedure might say it is unsuccessful even if it fixes the problem.)

Solution 3: Reduce the Company File Size

Reduce the size of the company file if it is greater than 200 MB. This can be done in three ways:

  1. Create a portable company file version to reduce the file size. It is a compact version of the file which can be sent easily to the Intuit server. Open the company file and press the F2 key to open the Product Information Window.
  2. Create/Restore the portable company file of QuickBooks.
  3. Manually save and send QBX/QBY without any accountant service.

Solution 4: Check for Long Dash in Notes

Ensure that there is no long dash in notes before sending the file to the client. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Avoid using long dashes while entering text in notes.
  2. Do not use long dashes even while using any Text Editor like- Notepad, etc.
  3. Send the doc file to the client as QBY file after ensuring the above two steps have been followed.

Solution 5: Ensure no Special Characters in File Name

Make sure there are no special characters like commas or full stops in the company file name.

Points to Consider While Creating an Accountant’s Copy

Consider the following points when creating an Accountant’s Copy:

  • File Size: Make sure the Company size is at most 200 MB; otherwise, the user will not be able to send the file to the Intuit Server. Larger files can prevent the software from working properly.
  • Data Backup: Always make a backup of data before creating an Accountant’s Copy. It ensures that if any problem occurs, the user can recover the data.
  • Dividing Date: It is a point of time up to when a client can make changes to the file. Transactions before this date are locked for an accountant, which ensures data integrity.
  • Accountant’s Changes: QuickBooks will display “Accountant’s Changes Pending” in the title bar, and it will keep on reflecting until the user adds the changes from the Accountant’s Copy or removes the limitations/restrictions. Accountants can only make changes to the file after the dividing date.
  • Review and Accept: Review and accept the changes to the company file after the accountant has made changes. It will ensure that the financial records are updated.

Bottom Line

QuickBooks Unable to Create Accountant’s Copy issue arises while preparing an accountant’s copy. It is a version of a company file that accountants use to make changes to the data. 

This article answers questions like WHAT is QuickBooks Unable to Create an Accountant’s Copy Error, WHY it is caused, and HOW to resolve it. If you still face any problems, call our experts at +1-802-778-9005 for a quick resolution or send mail at [email protected].


How do you verify if there are long dashes in notes?

  • Make sure you enter text without a long dash before sending the file. 
  • Use Text Editor to create and paste the text.
  • Send MS Word document via mail with the converted QBY file.

How to save QuickBooks Accountants’ Copy?

Please consider the following Steps:

  • Step1: Click on File
  • Step 2: Click on Send Company File.
  • Step 3: Click on “Accountant’s Copy.”
  • Step 4: Click on “View/Export Changes for Client.”
  • Step 5: Now Save the File.

How to create QuickBooks Accountants’ Copy?

  • Select the File menu.
  • Click on the Company File.
  • Select the Accountant’s Copy.
  • Click on Client Activities.
  • Click on Save File and then select Next.
  • Select the Accountant’s Copy and click on Next.
  • Mention the Dividing Date and Click on Next.

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