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How To Fix The “Quickbooks Desktop Freezing Up Error” Problem?

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Understanding and Resolving: Quickbooks Desktop Freezing Up Error

QuickBooks Desktop freezing or crashing issue leads to the software abruptly stopping and not responding to the user and can further lead to system shutdown. This issue is considered especially troublesome as no error code or message is displayed.

QuickBooks Desktop sometimes even freezes or crashes during the normal course of work. When QB crashes, you may only see the desktop or the screen may freeze, similar to the system hanging up issue. This can be caused due to multiple factors ranging from compatibility with the OS, corrupted company files, increased storage size of company files, corrupted DDF and DAT files, etc.

The QuickBooks freezing problem can be resolved by various methods ranging from tackling incomplete or unstable installation issues, clearing cache files, shutting down background programs causing this error, and many more.

What Signs And Symptoms Are Observed In Case Of QuickBooks Desktop Freezing?

When QuickBooks Desktop crashes or QuickBooks stops responding, the user won’t see any error messages, making it challenging to pinpoint any particular issue. Below are some symptoms; carefully study them to be sure you experience the same QuickBooks problem:

1. Within a few seconds of opening, QuickBooks Desktop stops responding or closes itself.

2. QuickBooks starts to lag and stops responding to the movement of mouse and keyboard strokes.

3. QuickBooks stops loading the dashboard, eventually stops working, and finally leads to a complete shutdown of the QuickBooks application.

4. The application closes unexpectedly without a warning when the user opens a file.

What Are The Possible Reasons For Quickbooks Freezing During Opening?

Incompatibility of OS; corrupted company files; damaged DDF files; etc., are all possible reasons that can lead to QB not working issues. To better understand the root causes of this issue, carefully go through the below-given causes:

  • Excess Cache and Temp Files: When the cache or temps files in Internet Explorer use too much space and have not been removed for a long time, the performance of the QB desktop becomes slow and may eventually crash or stop working.
  • Corrupted DDF and DAT File: The DDF files or DAT files have been corrupted or damaged for unknown reasons and need to be modified.
  • Qbw32.exe Program is Damaged: QBW32.exe program is associated with payroll value and QuickBooks software for the operating system. It has been damaged or corrupted for unknown reasons.
  • Interference From Background Programs: Background programs can take up too much ROM or RAM, interfering with Quickbooks’s ability to function properly, and can result in the slow function of QuickBooks.
  • Incompatible Operating System: In case your operating system is incompatible with the QuickBooks version, meaning that it has not been updated to the latest version, which can cause QuickBooks to freeze.
  • Tablet PC Input Services: Windows’s Tablet Input Service helps enhance Windows for PCs with touch screens and uses excess processing power. Disable these services via group policy, which will free up both RAM/ROM and enhance system performance.
  • Faulty or incomplete QB installation: Faulty or incomplete installation leads to unstable software, incomplete functionalities, and security issues. Due to this, the QB program files may get corrupted, leading to QuickBooks crashing or freezing.  

NOTE: It is important first to check that your computer meets all minimum system requirements before moving to any of the steps to solve the QuickBooks freezing problem.

Things To Consider Before Moving On to Solutions for QuickBooks Freezing Issues

Multiple causes can lead to QuickBooks freezing, and even while you try to fix this issue, it’s advised to take some measures as the situation is especially troublesome; it may lead to data loss in case of unsaved data, along with many other risks, which are as follow: 

  1. Ensure the company name isn’t too long, and the maximum character count for the company file name is 35, including spaces. Exceeding that can also cause the QB freezing problem. 
  2. Make sure the antivirus protection is disabled. Antivirus may be interfering or blocking some of the QuickBooks components from accessing the network or opening certain files. If not, go to your antivirus Dashboard and disable the antivirus protection from Settings.
  3. Try launching QuickBooks with Administrative permissions to override some default restrictions. Right-click the QuickBooks Application icon, and from the options, choose the option “Run as administrator” and sign in using the Administrative Login credentials.
  4. Create a backup of essential QuickBooks-related files to prevent any data loss, as they might get lost during the fixing process. Create a generate local backup of the Company File on your system.

eBetterbooks: Quick Fixes

QuickBooks Desktop Freezing Up Error Problem can be resolved by the following quick fixes

Issue: Excess Internet Explorer cache or temp files resulting in conflicting versions and cookies.

Quick Solution: Delete all the Internet Explorer cache and temp files, which can be cleared from the browser’s settings or the control panel.

Issue: Faulty DAT and DDF files.

Quick Solution: Navigate to the company directory and rename the DAT to “OldUserPRef.DAT.” Then, find & permanently delete all the other DDF files in the company directory.

Issue: QBW32.exe program is associated with payroll value in QuickBooks and has been damaged or corrupted.

Quick Solution: Terminate the Qbw32.exe program from the Taskbar and find all the programs with the term “QuickBooks” in their name. Use the End Task option which appears after right-clicking on a program to terminate the respective programs.

Issue: Ongoing background applications are interfering with QuickBooks.

Quick Solution: End all the unnecessary running background processes from the Task Manager, as they might be interfering with the functioning of QuickBooks.

Issue: The QuickBooks Desktop application is not updated and has led the software to become incompatible with the operating system.

Quick Solution: Update the QuickBooks Desktop Application to its latest version from under the Help menu to get the updated version of the software.

Issue: Tablet PC Input Services are consuming too much processing power and interfering with the functioning of QuickBooks.

Quick Solution: Disabling these services will free up RAM/ROM, which will enhance system performance. Search “MSC” in the run box to access Tablet PC Input Services and disable the start-up type option from the properties menu.

Issue: Possibilities are +QuickBooks program files have been damaged/corrupted or something went wrong during the QuickBooks installation process. 

Quick Solution: Reinstall the QuickBooks software after uninstalling QuickBooks to deal with this problem.

Issue: Damage or corruption of Company files leading to instabilities responsible for preventing QuickBooks from working efficiently.

Quick Solution: The Company files can be compressed into a portable copy using the features QuickBooks provides and the restored to rectify this situation. 

These quick fixes will help you overcome the QuickBooks Desktop freezing up problem. For any professional assistance to resolve such errors, immediately contact our customer service to avoid any inconvenience.

Contact +1-802-778-9005, or you can mail us at: [email protected]

What Are The Solutions for QuickBooks Freezing Issues?

Quickbooks freezing problems can be fixed using multiple methods depending on the cause. For example, delete the Internet Explorer cache/temp files in case they occupy excess ROM/RAM and uninstall & reinstall QuickBooks in case of faulty installation, etc.

To prevent QB freezing, follow the following various tested and verified solutions for each cause that may be responsible for this problem:

Case Scenario: Cache in Internet Explorer needs to be updated/ refreshed, leading to version confusion and misconfiguration.

Solution 1: Remove The Internet Explorer Cache.

When the cache in IE uses too much space and is not removed for a long time, the performance of the QB desktop becomes slow and inactive. Try the procedures listed below to clear the cache from Internet Explorer and rectify the problem.

Step 1: Right-click on the Internet Explorer application icon.

Step 2: Now select the Tools menu by clicking the gear icon.

Step 3: Select Delete browsing history from the safety drop-down option as you scroll down.

Step 4: Check whether the box next to Temporary Internet Files and Cookies is checked.

Step 5: After ensuring respective checkboxes are checked, click The “Delete” option.

Internet Explorer cache and temp files have now been deleted permanently.

Case Scenario: The DDF files or DAT files have been corrupted/damaged for unknown reasons.

Solution 2: Modifying the DAT and DDF files.

The DDF or DAT files have been corrupted or damaged, causing problems. To rectify this, rename the DAT to “OldUserPRef.DAT. And delete all the other DDF files from the company directory. To do so, follow the steps given below: 

Note: Before beginning the solution process, close any Company files if they are active at the time.

Step 1: Navigate to the company directory folder and find the DAT in the folder.

Step 2: Rename the DAT file to “ OldUserPRef.DAT.”

Step 3: Delete every other DDF extension file.

Step 4: Once again, open the company file.

Step 5: Select the Confirm option to save the changes to the directory.

Step 6 (optional): To print the data, select the Print option.

Case Scenario: QBW32.exe and its associated programs have been damaged or corrupted.

Solution 3: Terminate The Qbw32.exe Program.

QBW32.exe program is associated with payroll value and QuickBooks pro software for the operating system and is damaged/corrupted, which can cause QB to freeze. Terminate the Qbw32.exe program from the Taskbar using the End Task option to fix this issue.

Follow the following steps to terminate the Qbw32.exe program:

Step 1: Launch the task manager.

Step 2: Choose the “Processes tab” option.

Step 3: Click on the Image Title option.

Step 4: Select all software programs that start with the terms Qbw32.exe and QuickBooks in their name.

Step 5: Click the “End process” button.

Case Scenario: Background programs are taking up too much ROM or RAM.

Solution 4: Close all unnecessary background processes that may be consuming too much computing resources or interfering with QuickBooks’s working.

Close any background-running programs or components using the Task Manager after ensuring you have the most recent version of QuickBooks. Follow the below-given instructions to achieve that:

Step 1: Click the Windows button.

Step 2: Type “task manager” in the search bar and press Enter.

Step 3: Choose all the unnecessary running applications.

Step 4: Select the “End Process” option to close all processes.

Reopen the QuickBooks Desktop program and check to verify if the error has been fixed.

Case Scenario: The operating system is incompatible with the QuickBooks version.

Solution 5: Update the QuickBooks Desktop Application.

QuickBooks, when not updated to the latest version, makes the software incompatible with the operating system. Update it to the latest version from under the Help menu to get the updated version of the software. Follow the steps below to find out how: 

Step 1: Disable QuickBooks Desktop.

Step 2: Select the Update QuickBooks Desktop option under the Help menu.

Step 3: Click the “Update Now” option.

Note: Make sure the Reset Update option is checked, 

Step 4: After the update is finished, restart your operating system or computer.

Case Scenario: Windows’s Tablet Input Service is occupying excess RAM/ROM.

Solution 6: Turning Off Tablet PC Input Services.

The Tablet PC Input Services can be using excess processing power and are interfering with the functioning of QuickBooks. Disable the Tablet PC Input Services to rectify this situation. To do so, follow the instructions below: 

Step 1: Launch the run box using the Windows + R command.

Step 2: Enter “MSC” into the command box, and then click the OK option.

Step 3: Select the option to stop the service.

Step 4: Right-click the Tabled Input Service and select the Properties option.

Step 5: Disable the start-up type option and press OK.

Step 6: Close the Services menu.

Case Scenario:  Faulty or incomplete installation of QuickBooks.

Solution 7: Reinstall Quickbooks After Uninstalling It.

If the above measures don’t solve the issue, the possibilities are that QuickBooks-related files have been corrupted or something went wrong during the QuickBooks installation process. Uninstall and reinstall the QuickBooks Desktop application in such a situation.

How Can I Install The Diagnostic Tool For Resolving Quickbooks Desktop Freezing Problems?

Using the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool is another option for fixing this problem. The QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool can be utilized to identify issues with QuickBooks Desktop components and fix them.

The steps listed below explain what needs to be done to use the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool to fix the QB freezing problem:

Step 1: Download the diagnostic software for QuickBooks called QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool from the web. Once downloaded, the file will be saved to your Desktop.

Step 2: Launch the QuickBooks Installation Diagnostic Tool after closing all other running programs. Depending on your computer’s power and internet speed, the entire process could take up to 20 minutes.

Step 3: Check that all components are appropriately stored after running the downloaded software.

Step 4: Follow all instructions as instructed by the diagnosis tool to fix the problem.

Step 5: Restart your computer.

What Are The Steps To Solving Quickbooks Freezing Up Issue By Making A Portable Company File?

Company file-related errors can lead QB to freeze. The Company files can be compressed into a portable copy using features provided by QuickBooks and restored to rectify this situation. This method is also used to resolve latency issues, including the occurrence of QuickBooks freezes when attempting to email invoices.

Follow the following steps to create a copy of the portable company:

Step 1: Go to QuickBooks and click on Generate Copy in the upper left corner of the File tab to generate a portable company file.

Step 2: Click Next after selecting Portable Company File.

Step 3: Choose the folder in which to save the portable file.

Step 2: Click Save and click the OK button.

Note: To prevent the portable file from overwriting your old file, you may always modify its name.

Follow the steps below to restore a portable corporate file.

Step 1: From the upper left corner of the File menu, choose Open or Restore Company.

Step 2: After restoring the portable file, select next.

Step 3: Click the “Open” option after selecting the .qbm or portable copy file.

Step 4: Choose where you want to restore the file and click Next.

Step 5: Select the Save option to finish the process.


Hopefully, the above solutions will help you overcome the QuickBooks Desktop Freezing Up Error Problem. But if you still need help regarding this issue or professional assistance, immediately contact our customer service to avoid any inconvenience and get an easy experience.

Contact us at +1-802-778-9005, or you can also email us at: [email protected]


1. How Can I Prevent Future QuickBooks Desktop Freezes and Crashe Issue?

You may avoid QuickBooks from freezing by running frequent virus scans, deleting your cache and temporary files, using less than two apps at once, and maintaining software and computer updates.

2. Why does QuickBooks continually freeze?

QuickBooks freezing problems could occur for several reasons. Some of these possibilities are as follows:

Possibility 1: QuickBooks might be attempting to open too many files concurrently. This may occur if you’re trying to open a large file or have several programs open simultaneously.

Possibility 2: It’s possible that your computer’s RAM is insufficient to accommodate all the data that QuickBooks is attempting to process. This can be fixed by quitting some programs to free up memory or by updating the memory in your computer.

Possibility 3: There may be a compatibility problem between QuickBooks and another program on your computer. In this situation, updating QuickBooks to the most recent version or removing the other program might work.

3. How to close a frozen QuickBooks window?

To close QuickBooks while it is frozen for whatever reason. Your only choice for quitting the application is to use the Task Manager tool. If you are unsure of all the steps, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open Task Manager.

Step 2: Select the QuickBooks Accounting Program or the program you want to close.

Step 3: Choose the End Task button to terminate the process.

4. What to do when the QuickBooks Application freezes On Windows 11?

On Windows 11, the accumulation of cache/ temp files in Internet Explorer( the browser that connects to your QB Desktop account) is one the main reasons behind the freezing issue. Clear all the cache and temp files for the browser settings to deal with this issue.

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