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How to Resolve QuickBooks Error Code 6105?

QuickBooks is an extensively used accounting software that simplifies

QuickBooks is an extensively used accounting software that simplifies daily business tasks perfectly. Despite its complexity, the software effectively meets all business accounting needs. However, its numerous features make it susceptible to errors, often stemming from technical glitches that can be challenging to resolve.

However, one such error that many users have reported is a problem with their company file known as QuickBooks Error 6105. This error appears when the data file is corrupted or the help/ element records data are broken; they become unreachable.

What is QuickBooks Error 6105, and How Does it Look When it Occurs?

The QuickBooks Error 6105 is an error where the users face difficulty while trying to access their company file. This error is likely to happen when the file has invalid entries, is damaged, experiences internal glitches, or becomes corrupted because of the virus’s presence inside the computer system. Another case where this error appears is when the user tries to condense a large-sized company file.

This error appears on the screen in the form of a message that states:

Warning Error Description 
Error QuickBooks Error. -6105, -1005 during condense. Unspecified error 80004005 or 80004003. 
Error QuickBooks Error Message 6105

What are the Causing Roots Behind the QuickBooks Error 6105?

Many factors can cause QuickBooks errors. Below are some common causes that might contribute to errors in QuickBooks:

  • If the QuickBooks company file is corrupted or damaged, it can be the cause of this error. This can be because of issues during the file creation, data transfer, or storage. 
  • Suppose you’re using an outdated version of QuickBooks, which can result in compatibility issues and errors. Regularly update QuickBooks to the latest version. 
  • Inadequate administrative privileges hinder normal QuickBooks operations. 
  • The QuickBooks software you’re using needs to be installed properly, or an update needs to be completed; it can lead to errors. Make sure to follow the correct installation and update procedures. 
  • QuickBooks file extensions can be corrupted, impacting data accessibility.  
  • Programs that might be running in the background can cause issues and may interfere with proper functioning. 
  • System glitches or insufficient permission can also be the cause of QuickBooks Error 6105.  

How Can We Identify the Effect of QuickBooks Error 6105

The following symptoms will help you identify the QuickBooks Error 6105 on your computer.  

The performance of your software starts to slow down. 

  • Buttons in the QuickBooks window might get disabled. 
  • Users might experience a white screen, or QuickBooks will stop responding to their requests.  
  • Without any prior notice, the system will turn off suddenly. 
  • Users may face technical issues with other applications on the system. 
  • The overall performance of the application will start deteriorating. 

Customized Solution for QuickBooks Error 6105

Before moving further, you can try these customized solutions for a quick resolution: 

  • To resolve this error, you first have to create a comprehensive backup of your QuickBooks data to protect against any data loss during troubleshooting. 
  • After this, close all the programs running in the background, as they can create issues while accessing the company file. 
  • You can restart your system, log in as an administrator in your system, and then run QuickBooks Desktop as an administrator to address any permission issues. 
  • Change the extensions of QuickBooks-supported files to refresh file associations. 
  • If the issue persists, receive the company file to eliminate potential corruption. 
  • Execute the Verify and Rebuild QuickBooks Data Utility Tool to identify and fix data integrity issues. 
  • Perform a clean install using the clean installation tool to ensure a fresh setup. 
  • If data recovery is needed, utilize the QuickBooks Data Recovery Tool to salvage critical information. 
  • Keep your QuickBooks software up-to-date by updating to the latest release to benefit from bug fixes and improvements. 

Solutions of QuickBooks Error 6105

Solutions Part 1

Before moving further with the troubleshooting steps, here’s a list of some precautionary actions that you should follow:  

  • Save any unsaved work before closing the programs running in the background to avoid data loss. 
  • Verify any important update or pending installation before restarting your system. 
  • Be careful when making any changes as an administrator to avoid unintended consequences. 
  • Create a backup for important files before modifying file extensions. 
  • While recreating a company file, follow the steps carefully, as you can also lose your important data. 
  • Uninstall the existing QuickBooks software properly before performing the clean installation. 
  • Use any tool cautiously because some data may be irretrievable. 
  • Verify system requirements for the new release to avoid compatibility issues. 

Solution Part 2

Solution 1: End QuickBooks Programs Running in The Background

Various programs running together in the background may create conflict and can lead to issues while accessing the company file. Follow the below steps to end the QuickBooks program running in the background: 

1. Open the task manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc simultaneously on the keyboard. It will open the list of programs currently running on your system. 

2. Now, choose the Processes tab and navigate to the QuickBooks processes.

3. Then, right-click on each of the processes and click on the End Task option. 

Note: We suggest you end one process at a time and then return to check the error. It will let you know about the program causing the conflicts. 

Solution 2: Restart or Reboot Your System & Login As an Administrator

Restarting your computer is considered the simplest and most versatile way to solve any issue. It forces all the applications to shut down, and when you restart your computer, it will be free of third-party apps running in the background. After rebooting the system, the next step is to log in as Administrator on your system: 

1. First, type Control Panel in the search box of your Windows OS. 

2. Now, click on User Accounts. 

3. Then, click on the User Accounts option again. Here, confirm if you’re already logged in as an administrator. 

Note: If you’re logged in as an administrator, you’ll find it displayed under your account name and account type. 

4. You can verify the status of other accounts by clicking Manage another account. 

5. If you’re not an administrator, changing your account status is possible with the Administrator’s credentials. You can do this by applying the following steps: 

  • First, click on the current profile. 
  • Choose Change the account type. 
  • Now, click the Administrator option. 
  • Then, enter the admin password when prompted. 

Solution 3: Run QuickBooks Desktop As an Administrator

You can prevent the company file from being corrupted once you run the QuickBooks desktop as an administrator. Follow the steps below to the same: 

1. First, close the QuickBooks desktop software. 

2. Now, right-click on the QuickBooks Desktop and select the Run as Administrator option. 

image 71

3. Then, click on Yes when the dialog box appears on the screen. 

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Solution 4: Change The Extension of QuickBooks Supported Files

To eliminate any damage in QuickBooks files, consider rendering the current files void and creating new ones. It is suggested that the extensions of QuickBooks support files be altered to prevent future issues. The steps to perform in this process are given below: 

1. First, open the folder which holds your QuickBooks files. 

2. Now, look for the below-listed support files-

  •  Transaction log file – company file name. tlg.
  •  Network data file – company file name.nd.

3. Then, choose one of the files, right-click on it, and click on Rename. 

4. To change the extension, type .OLD at the end of the file’s name. 

5. Perform the same steps for the other support file- 

  • Company file name.nd.OLD.
  • Company file name.tlg.OLD.

6. Before closing the window, save the changes. 

Note: Try accessing your company file again in QuickBooks Desktop to see that the error persists. 

Solution 5: Re-Create Company File

Before recreating the company file to resolve the error, ensure that you are running QuickBooks as an Admin: 

1. First, visit the company file. 

2. Now, choose Utilities. 

3. Then, select the option which allows you to reset the company file. 

4. Click on Verify to check the hosting of the company file. 

5. Lastly, let the rebuild happen. 

Solution 6: Execute the verify and Rebuild QuickBooks Data Utility Tool

To address damage or corruption in the company file, QuickBooks provides built-in utilities for identification and repair. Here’s how it is done: 

1. First, press the file tab and scroll down to Utilities.  

2. Choose the Verify Data option and click on OK to run the tool. 

image 69

3. This process might take a few minutes to complete, after which either of the following messages will appear: 

  • QuickBooks detected no problems with your data, which means there is no issue.
  • A particular error message will ask you to follow the prompt displayed on the screen.
  • Your data has lost integrity, indicating that you need to run the Rebuild Data tool.

4. Now, go to file again; after that, click Utility and select Rebuild Data. 

5. Then, make a backup for your file and let the tool start running. 

6. When the message rebuild has been completed, you can close the window and start QuickBooks. 

Solution 7: Perform a Clean Installation by Using Clean Installation Tool

This error may also arise due to malware, bugs, and other issues. A clean reinstall of QuickBooks might fix this error: 

1. First, close your QuickBooks desktop. 

2. Now, type Control Panel on the search box in your Windows OS. 

3. Then, choose Programs and Features. 

image 68

4. Navigate to QuickBooks and click the Uninstall option. 

image 70

5. Now reinstall QuickBooks Desktop and run the software as Administrator. 

6. Then, try to open the company file.  

Solution 8: Make Use of QuickBooks Data Recovery Tool

QuickBooks error 6105 is often caused by company file or database corruption, prompting the use of QuickBooks Data Recovery Tool. This tool acts proactively, attempting to repair and recover data from the corrupted file, offering diagnostic insights into specific issues causing this error. Its recovery attempt enhances the chances of recovering critical data, serving as complementary solutions alongside other measures like verifying and rebuilding data. Caution is suggested; this process requires backup before proceeding, and carefully follow the tool’s instructions. Follow our guide, where we have mentioned the entire steps to use the Data Recovery tool. 

Solution 9: Update QuickBooks Software to The Latest Release

Downloading and installing the latest updates of QuickBooks Desktop is essential for accessing the most up-to-date features, improvements, and bug fixes. Staying current with the latest version also enhances the overall experience. It makes sure that any issues or vulnerabilities from the old version are addressed, contributing to the smooth functioning of the financial process within the software. If you are struggling with the QuickBooks Error 6105, then downloading and installing the QuickBooks can resolve the issue. In our guide, we have explained the process; you can follow the guide to download and install QuickBooks properly.

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