QuickBooks Error Code 15311 occurs while downloading payroll updates or downloading QuickBooks. Additionally, this error crashes the active window, and also the system freezes sporadically. QuickBooks Error 15311 is amid the following message reflects and says: “QuickBooks update can’t be completed successfully’ and ‘cannot connect with QuickBooks payroll”.


  • QuickBooks Incomplete installation.
  • Attack from viruses and malware to QB.
  • QuickBooks files could be deleted or broken.
  • Windows registry entries associated with QuickBooks is also corrupted.
  • Corrupted files from the downloaded QuickBooks documents.
  • The interruption caused while downloading the update.

QuickBooks Error 15311: Solution

Solution 1: Installing a digital signature certificate

  1. Right-click on QBW32.exe.
  2. Choose Properties.
  3. Click on the Digital Signature tab and verify that Intuit, Inc. is chosen within the selection list.
  4. Now, click on Details.
  5. In the Detail window, choose to View Certificate.
  6. Click on Install Certificate within the certificate window.
  7. Click on Next until the Finish button is displayed.
  8. Then click on Finish.
  9. Start the system again.
  10. Open QuickBooks and download the update once more.

Solution 2: Verify internet connection and QuickBooks settings.

Verify the web soul setting.

  1. Make internet explorer the default settings.
  2. Verify the system Date and Time.
  3. Double click on the time display.
  4. In the Date and Time window, verify this present date and time.
  5. Create necessary changes if required.
  6. Check the cipher

If the cipher strength is not up to 128 bites then the internet explorer is broken.

  1. Go to http://www.intuit.com.
  2. Press ALT and a Menu bar will pop up.
  3. Go to Files, then click on Properties.
  4. Under the connection, explore for the numbers before Bites Encryption.
  5. Update the settings.
  6. Go to Tools and the internet option.
  7. Meanwhile, within the General Tab, click on Delete. Choose temporary internet files and click on Delete.
  8. Select the LAN Setting on the Connections Tab.
  9. On the Advanced tab scroll right down to check SSL 2.0 and SSL 3.0 are marked. If marked, clear the box next to look for the publisher’s certificate.
  10. On the Advanced tab then, scrolls right down to check if TLS 1.2 isn’t marked. If marked, uncheck it.

Troubleshooting QuickBooks Desktop

  1. Firstly, verify that the QuickBooks subscription is active.
  2. Reset QuickBooks Desktop update.
  3. Verify that the Payroll service key is correct.
  4. Go to employees and click on My Payroll Service.
  5. Click on Manage Service Key.
  6. Click on Edit and see that the key is correct.
  7. Click on Next and Finish.
  8. Finally, start the system again.

The solutions mentioned above will help you solve QuickBooks Error 15311. In case you cannot fix QuickBooks Error 15311 or are unable to understand the issue, reach out to eBetterBooks tech support contact number
+1-844-929-2244 for immediate support.


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