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Epicor To QuickBooks Conversion Service

Choose eBetterBooks for Epicor to QuickBooks data conversion services. Our dedicated specialist will assess your business's financial data, determine the required QuickBooks products and version, and guide you through the entire step-by-step conversion process.
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Why Should You Convert From Epicor to QuickBooks Desktop?

  • QuickBooks offers user-friendly interfaces, accessibility, scalability, or enhanced reporting capabilities rather than Epicor.
  • QuickBooks offer better scalability options, accommodating the growth of the business seamlessly.
  • Epicor Software is an ERP tool for manufacturers and distributors, streamlining business processes.
  • Converting the accounting system is a complex task, not ideal for a DIY project.
  • QuickBooks Enterprise is known for its efficiency and ease of use, making it a preferred choice for many businesses.

Benefits of Using Epicor to QuickBooks Data Migration Services

Benefits of Using Epicor to QuickBooks Data Migration

System Requirements for a Successful Data Migration

Minimum System Requirements for Migrating Epicor to QuickBooks: Epicor to QuickBooks Data Conversion

Operating System​


Memory (RAM)

Microsoft .NET Framework


Hard Drive

QuickBooks Desktop

Epicor Limitations

  1. The user interface of Epicor has considered less intuitive compared to modern accounting solutions. This impacts the overall user experience.
  2. The functions are primarily designed for manufacturing and distribution.
  3. Integrating with third-party software is a challenging task.
  4. Some processes required multiple steps, leading to a cumbersome experience.

Checklist: Before Epicor to QuickBooks Data Conversion

  • Analyze and match your needs with QuickBooks desktop features.
  • Before migrating, it’s essential for the business to consult with the data conversion experts about its accounting needs. This will help in choosing the right QuickBooks subscription package and version.
  • Ensure to create a full backup and duplicate of your saved data. This ensures that you won’t lose any information.
    (Note: The duplicate copy is particularly useful during the trial for converting data from Epicor to QuickBooks).
  • Having specifications is very important because it helps identify what is more critical or manageable in case of any data loss.

Epicor to QuickBooks Data Migration

We make conversion from Epicor to QuickBooks easy. We Also assist you in migrating data within different versions of QuickBooks Premier/ Pro/ Enterprise. This process is consistently designed to ensure a successful and accurate conversion.

Dedicated conversion professionals will help through the entire process, determine the necessary QuickBooks products, and work with you to create a step-by-step conversion plan. Experts will manage the export, cleanup, and import of your historical financial data.

Once the conversion is complete, you’ll receive comprehensive training on the new system, and we’ll help you establish effective procedures to maximize your new system’s potential.

The switch from Epicor to QuickBooks involves five main phases that must be carried out for a successful data migration.

First Phase: Always Choose the Right QuickBooks Version

Our dedicated QuickBooks conversion expert will assess and understand your business requirements and existing accounting system, then identify the necessary QuickBooks products.

Second Phase: Creating of the Template

To make sure QuickBooks runs smoothly with your existing data, it’s important to set up the right workflows. Gather key information, including reports on Accounts Payable and Receivable, Profit and Loss (P&L), Monthly Balance Sheets, and any other data that needs to be transferred to the new QuickBooks version.

Third Phase: Live Training

To make the switch to the new QuickBooks software easier for your business, it’s important to have live training sessions for your team. This helps them feel comfortable using the new software.

Fourth Phase: Project Closure and Review

This process helps us determine if you need additional information or monthly reports to effectively run your business. If there’s a need to transfer additional data from your previous system to QuickBooks, we will convert too.

Fifth Phase: Following Up

If you encounter any issues, our team is here to follow up, address and resolve them for you.

With Epicor to Quickbooks Data Migration: Do More!

  • QuickBooks Data Conversion allows you to easily create and customize invoices and other sales documents.
  • Connect other users to the QuickBooks account and give them controlled access.
  • It is compatible with Mac and Windows environments, making it easy-to-use software.
  • You can start working right away with QB Data Conversion; it does not have a steep learning curve.

QuickBooks Data Conversion from Various Accounting Software

Convert To QuickBooks From 1024x191 1

✔️Excel to QuickBooks

✔️Foundation to QuickBooks

✔️FreshAgent to QuickBooks

✔️FinancialForce to QuickBooks

✔️FreshBooks to QuickBooks

✔️GNU Cash to QuickBooks

✔️Great Plains to QuickBooks

✔️Intacct to QuickBooks

✔️Infor to QuickBooks

✔️Master Builder to QuickBooks

✔️Maxwell to QuickBooks

✔️MAS 90 to QuickBooks

✔️MAS 200 to QuickBooks

✔️MAS 500 to QuickBooks

✔️MS Dynamics to QuickBooks

✔️Microsoft Access to QuickBooks

✔️MYOB to QuickBooks

✔️NetSuite to QuickBooks

✔️Navision to QuickBooks

✔️Oracle to QuickBooks

✔️Omega to QuickBooks

✔️Peachtree to QuickBooks

✔️QuickBooks Desktop to Online

✔️QuickBooks Online to Desktop

✔️QuickBooks Pro to Enterprise

✔️QuickBooks Premier to Enterprise

✔️Sage Intacct to QuickBooks

✔️Sage 50 to QuickBooks

✔️Sage 100 to QuickBooks

✔️Sage 200 to QuickBooks

✔️Simply Accounting to QuickBooks

✔️Xero to QuickBooks

How We Help You Migrate To QuickBooks

Switching your accounting or ERP system can be a bit overwhelming, even if you’re just making conversion between different QuickBooks products.
Running your business for an extended period? You’ve probably accumulated a bunch of data, and your current system may not sync perfectly with QuickBooks.

But no worries about getting lost in confusing QuickBooks conversion tools – we’ve got it covered. Our QB experts will smoothly and securely move all of your data to QuickBooks from your current accounting software.

When you partner with eBetterBooks, you’ll have your own QuickBooks data conversion expert. Our experts will assess your situation, determine the required QuickBooks products, and work with you through a step-by-step process, such as exporting, cleaning, and importing your old data to the new QuickBooks version.

Products analysis

Phase 1. Determine Products Needed

The QuickBooks Conversion Expert at eBetterBooks will take the time to analyze about your business and your current system. We'll figure out exactly what your team needs from an accounting system and choose the right QuickBooks products for you. This might include QuickBooks Enterprise, Payroll, Mac, or Point-of-Sale System.

File Setup

Phase 2. Template File Setup

We will analyze and make QuickBooks a perfect fit for your business. During this process, you may need to enter data in both your old system and the new QuickBooks file for a short period. We'll be moving over important info like Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, profit and loss, monthly balance sheets, and any other data needed for QuickBooks.


Phase 3: Go Live & Train Your Team

It's important to train your team to ensure a smooth migration to the new QuickBooks software. We'll provide training sessions to make sure your team is familiar with the new system. We are committed to helping all of our valuable QuickBooks client in succeeding.

monthly reports

Phase 4: Close and Review The Books

This process helps us find out if there's any other important data or reports you need for your business. Sometimes, we only realize what's crucial when we can't access it anymore. We'll double-check thoroughly to make sure we've brought in everything you need. If there are more files to move, we'll make sure to get them over from your old system to QuickBooks.

Follow Up call-email

Phase 5: Follow Up & Maintenance

After a month of using QuickBooks, we'll check in to see how things are going. If you face any issues, we'll fix them. Our experts will also retrieve any missing data from your old system.

eBetterBooks for Faster Epicor to QB Data Migration

Faster Conversions

You can speed up the time for Epicor to QuickBooks Data conversion, reduce time spent working on two systems at once.

Regular Training

Get you staff trained, including the leadership. Know how to use the 150+ out-of-the-box reports and generate custom reports.

Continued Support

We have an ongoing support team to troubleshoot issues and confirm your business growth with QuickBooks.

Keep your Historical Data

Comfortably and accurately migrate your historical data to the QuickBooks system.

Extend and Customize QuickBooks

We employ experienced programmers who can leverage the QuickBooks API to build modules and add-ons.

Better System Configuration

We ensure that your system is configured properly, all tables and databases are working, and your bank accounts are linked with one another.

QuickBooks or ERP, Get Customized Solution from eBetterBooks

Experts at eBetterBooks specialize in tailoring QuickBooks and ERP systems to meet the specific requirements of each industry, whether you own a small retail store, manage an international manufacturing business, a residential construction company, a law firm, etc. Our several years of experience helps to adapt the software to your needs. We provide the assistance in following sectors:

✔️Accounting & Finance


✔️Advertising & Marketing

✔️Biotech & Pharmaceuticals

✔️Computer Software

✔️Construction & Contracting

✔️Computer / IT Services

✔️Distribution & Wholesale




✔️Energy / Utilities


✔️General Business

✔️Healthcare / Medical

✔️Health & Beauty


✔️Logistics / Transportation


✔️Media / Publishing



✔️Professional Services

✔️Restaurant / Hospitality


✔️Real Estate



Epicor to QuickBooks Data Conversion services must be flawless and exceptionally secure to ensure a trouble-free experience for users. If you encounter any difficulties during this process, get in touch with the QB experts at 1-802-778-9005 for prompt assistance and resolution.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This easy integration saves time and reduces mistakes by removing the need to manually copy data between the POS system and QuickBooks.

Kinetic, the new name for Epicor ERP

In the accounting market, QuickBooks is at the top with a 37.55% share, while Epicor ERP has 1.98%. QuickBooks holds the 1st spot, thanks to its wider market reach, while Epicor ERP is at the 11th spot in 6sense’s Market Share Ranking Index for Accounting.

If you are looking for affordable accounting services in USA, just get in touch with us at +1-802-778-9005 or drop us an email at [email protected] to connect with our accounting experts.

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