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Fix QuickBooks Error 1311- Source File Not Found (filename)?

QuickBooks users face QuickBooks Error Code 1311 while they

QuickBooks users face QuickBooks Error Code 1311 while they export a report or financial data to MS Excel. However, they may also face this error due to issues with installing or updating QuickBooks. Whatever the case might be, in this blog we will learn how to resolve Error Code 1311.

What is Error 1311?

When a user tries to export an excel report from the financial statement designer. Also, when the user wants to update the accounting software through a CD, they may face this error. Users will find this message on the screen:

QuickBooks Error 1311: “Source file not found (name of the file). Check that file exists and that is accessible to you.”

quickbooks error 1311

Reasons Behind 1311 Source File Not Found Issue?

  • The Microsoft Office version in the system is not compatible with QuickBooks.
  • The MS Office installation is corrupt/ counterfeit.
  • One/ many QB installation files are corrupt/damaged.
  • CD-ROM has an issue with accessing the CD.
  • The QuickBooks CD is damaged.

These are some prominent errors that cause QuickBooks Error 1311.

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QuickBooks Error Code 1311 : Symptoms

If you also face these issues in your system, chances are that your system is witnessing Error Code 1311. Look for these symptoms:

QuickBooks Error Code 1311
  • The QuickBooks Error 1311 message pops on the screen.
  • QB desktop freezes when the user tries to export data to another application.
  • The user is unable to export one/many reports to Excel from QuickBooks FSD.
  • QuickBooks users are unable to install the software from the CD.

Methods to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 1311

We are sharing the most useful hacks to resolve QuickBooks Error 1311:

quickbooks error code 1311 solutions

Solution 1: Copy files to Hard Drive to Install them

  • Firstly, insert QuickBooks CD in CD-ROM. Check if it initiates the installation on its own. In such a case, click QUIT to exit the process.
  • Next, create a new folder on the desktop and rename it as QuickBooks Installation. After that, open the Windows File Manager.
  • After that, open the CD-ROM drive, and select all files.
  • Copy-paste these files to the newly created folder.

Finally, install QuickBooks Desktop with this folder and verify if the QuickBooks Error Code 1311 is resolved or not.

Solution 2: Check if the Windows Office Is Compatible or Not

  • Go to start –> search bar –> Control Panel
  • Double click the option of add or remove programs.
  • Choose Microsoft office, and check its version.
  • If it is a version earlier than Microsoft office 2000, then change/ modify it to its newer version.

In most cases, this resolves the error.

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Solution 3: Modify Access to CD-ROM

  • Firstly, go to start–> search bar –> Control Panel
  • When you see the option of Administrative Tools, click the option and choose Local Security Policy.
Changing Access to CD-ROM
  • Expand the Local Policy Folder, select Security Options.
Changing Access to CD-ROM
  • Next, restrict CD ROM access those presently logged into the network.

At last, reboot the computer and check if the error persists or not.

Solution 4: Use the Command Prompt

  • Firstly, the user has to start –> search bar –> type command prompt.
  • The user has to right-click on the icon and choose the option run as administrator.
Cs4 application
  • Once the user enters, they have to type: SFC/SCANNOW and press enter. It will conduct a complete scan.
  • After the scan is completed, type: msiexec/unregin, and press enter.
  • At last, you need to type msiexec/regserver, and press enter.
 Type msiexec or regserver in cmd
  • Finally, you have to go forward with creative suite product installation.

Usually, this method can fix the error.

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Solution 5: CS4 Application Reinstallation

  • Go to start –> windows –> Run (You can also press Ctrl+R Key)
Reinstalling CS4 Application
  • Type msiexec/unreg, and press enter.
  • The user may reinstall the CS4 application.

At last, open the application setup file, follow the prompts, and finish the installation process.

Solution 6: Using the Photoshop Elements Disc

  • Firstly, in the CD-ROM, insert your Photoshop Elements install disc
  • Open This PC, Right-click the Photoshop Elements disc.
  • Copy Adobe photoshop elements folder into a newly made folder on the desktop.
  • Eject the disc when copying is completed.
  • Double click the setup.exe file when opening the adobe photoshop elements. It will start the installation.

Complete the process as per on-screen prompts, and check whether the error is resolved or not.


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