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How to Fix QuickBooks POS Client Cannot Connect to Server Error?

Your QuickBooks POS software helps you precisely handle nearly

Your QuickBooks POS software helps you precisely handle nearly every organizational task, from organizing sales and customer information to tracking inventories. But it has its drawbacks as well, much like other software packages.

One of the problems is that QuickBooks Pos Can’t Connect to the database server; this is one of the problems. This is a technical issue that requires quick attention and resolution. 

Enterprise-level retail software QuickBooks POS interacts with QuickBooks, Payroll, and other programs. Three variations are available: Basic, Pro, and Multi-Store.

Our article will help you understand what QuickBooks POS Client Cannot Connect to Server error and how you can resolve it.

Essential Tips for Resolving QuickBooks POS Client Cannot Connect to Server Error

Error Causes Solutions
Server workstation not configured for multiple users. Turn on the server’s multi-user mode.
Facing network problems on client and server computers or Public File sharing disabled in Windows Network. Activate Network Discovery.
WSActivity file causing issues. Rename the WSActivity file.
Due to a firewall, the server is unreachable. Set up a Firewall for the POS Network Connection
The connection to the POS data file is not working properly. QuickBooks POS must be reinstalled on client computers.
Security certificate expiration is causing the issue. Install a New Security Certificate.
Reinstalling QuickBooks completely is necessary. Reinstall QuickBooks Desktop.
Use of a variable or dynamic IP address while connecting. Configure the ports on the firewall for the POS network connection.

What is QuickBooks POS Client Cannot Connect to Server?

It is feasible to think of QuickBooks POS as a retail software that connects to a hardware program and enables you to use well-known integrations like QuickBooks, Payroll, etc.

Before we get into the core of this issue, let’s quickly review how many versions the software program ships with to better grasp the QuickBooks POS client’s underlying cause for not connecting to server error.

The three versions of QuickBooks POS now available are Basic, Pro, and Multi-Store. The multi-user technical fault is mostly responsible for the QuickBooks POS client not connecting to the server error.

There are many further reasons why the QuickBooks POS client cannot connect to server issues. The causes of the QuickBooks POS client not connecting to server problems are further explored in the following section.

Why Does the “QuickBooks POS Client Cannot Connect to Server” Error Occur?

There may be more reasons the QuickBooks POS client did not connect to server problems than you had anticipated when you settled down to analyze them.

Mentioned below are some of the causes of why it happens:

  • The server workstation is not configured for multiple users.
  • The server cannot be accessed due to a firewall.
  • Workstations for the client and server are experiencing issues connecting to the network.
  • Utilize a dynamic or shifting IP address while connecting.
  • Client computers aren’t running the same version of Windows.
  • Within the Windows Network and Sharing Center, public file sharing is disabled.
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Methods to Fix QuickBooks POS Unable to Connect to Server

To fix your QuickBooks Point of Sale issue with the server, use the methods listed below:

Method 1: The Multi-User Mode on Your Server is Enabled

Enabling Multi-User Mode on your QuickBooks Point of Sale server is essential for collaborative work. Adherence to these procedures maximizes the mode and improves general effectiveness and productivity.

  • In your QuickBooks POS program, select File.
  • Switch the Company File to Multi-User Mode by clicking on it.
  • Restart your system after closing your program.
  • Reopen QuickBooks Point of Sale.

Method 2: The Network Discover Option Must Be Activated

The Network Discovery option must be activated for smooth network connections in QuickBooks. To guarantee that your network settings are optimal, which will improve connectivity and workflow effectiveness, follow these steps.

  • Choose “Control Panel
  • Go to the Network and Sharing Center.
  • Select Share Advanced Settings on the left side of the window.
  • Network with new people.
  • Click the Turn on option for Network Discovery in the browser toolbar’s Network Discovery section.
  • Select the All Networks setting to search for all accessible networks.
  • Click the Turn Off Protected Sharing button in the Protected Sharing pane.
  • Snap the window shut.
  • Press the Power button to restart your system.

Method 3: Change the Name of the WSActivity File

One simple and efficient way to fix QuickBooks problems is to rename the WSActivity file. You should address the issue and enhance system performance by following the steps.

  • Find the folder where the WSActivity file is kept there.
  • To change the File’s name, use the right-click menu.
  • When finished, shut down all operating programs, including QuickBooks, and then reopen it.

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Method 4: Set Up a Firewall to Enable a Point of Sale to Connect to the Network in QuickBooks

You may ensure seamless network connectivity for QuickBooks Point of Sale by adjusting the firewall settings. The necessary port will be enabled to perform these steps, effectively addressing connectivity concerns.

  • To display the Run command, press the window and R keys simultaneously in the first step. 
  • Access the Control Panel.
  • Choose the Windows Firewall by setting the “View by” option to tiny icons.
  • The “Inbound” option must then be selected under the Advanced options. 
  • Click on the “New Rule” option.
  • Select the port, then press the Next button. 
  • Open QuickBooks again to confirm that the problem has been fixed. 

Method 5: Install QuickBooks Point of Sale on Customer Computers

Use this procedure to enhance QuickBooks Point of Sale on client PCs. Restarting the client and server workstations improves operating efficiency by ensuring a steady connection to the POS data file.

  • Close the client workstation’s POS system.
  • Restart the server or workstation
  • Restart the client’s computer now.
  • Now, restart the client workstation’s QuickBooks POS program.
  • Ensure that the server workstation automatically connects to the POS data file.

Method 6: Installing the Server Workstation

This is the fix for version 3 and version 4 users of POS Merchant Account Services who encounter this problem. In this instance, the security certificate’s expiration is what caused the issue to occur.

The following procedures must be taken to fix the problem:

  • Turn off the POS software running on each desktop.
  • Download a new security certificate from the official source after that.
  • As soon as you see a prompt, click Open.
  • Choose “Run
  • Choose Overwrite files automatically.
  • Select Unzip
  • Input OK.
  • Click “Finish
  • Try opening the POS app again.

Method 7: Download Security Certificate

For anyone who gets this problem using the QuickBooks Point of Sale merchant account services.

  • Shut off each workstation’s Point of Sale.
  • A new certificate may be downloaded from the official website.
  • Click ‘Open’ and then ‘Run’ when asked.
  • ‘Overwrite files without prompting’ should be selected.
  • After selecting “Unzip,” click “OK” and “Close.”
  • Reopen the Point of Sale.

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Method 8: Reinstall QuickBooks Completely

  • Make a backup to prevent data loss.
  • Next, you must remove QuickBooks Desktop from your computer. 
  • Click the QuickBooks Tool hub link to download and install it. 
  • Press the Run button. 
  • Reinstall QuickBooks Desktop after that, and follow the prompts on the screen until everything is done.


QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) is an important retail software that integrates with other applications, including QuickBooks and Payroll. It is necessary to understand the various POS versions to recognize problems like the client’s inability to connect to the server, which is frequently ascribed to multi-user technical defects.

This problem has several root causes, including server configuration, network issues, and IP address misuse. We’ve given practical solutions to address the QuickBooks POS Client Cannot Connect to Server issue.

Hopefully, the above-given information is useful for you. But if you still facing any kind of issues with your software and need professional assistance, regarding accounting, bookkeeping & accounting software-related issues then feel free to get in touch with us at +1-802-778-9005, or you can mail to us at: [email protected]


How to Modify Webmail Settings to Help Resolve QuickBooks Point of Sale Client Cannot Connect to Server Difficulties.

  • Select Preferences from the Edit menu.
  • Choose “Send Forms” from the left-hand menu.
  • Modify the options in the My Options box after selecting an email address.
  • Enter the SMTP Server’s name.
  • You must sign into your account before changing your email provider.
  • You set up an email service in QuickBooks Desktop by selecting one from a list of SMTP servers and Ports.

What Firewall Settings are Relevant to the QuickBooks POS Client Cannot Connect to Server Problem?

To fix the problem, you might need to repair a third-party Firewall. The steps are listed below.

  • Launch the Run program or click Windows + R.
  • Press the key to launch a Run window.
  • Select an icon for the firewall.
  • To select who you want emails from, click “Advanced Settings” and “Inbound Rule.”
  • After that, choose the New Rule.
  • Next, choose the port and then click Next.
  • Click “Next” after entering the port numbers.
  • Click Next after choosing Allow Connection.
  • After setting up your firewall rule, click the Finish tab.
  • Make a new Outbound Rule first.

How Can I Resolve the QuickBooks POS Client Cannot Connect to Server problem Using the QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale Connectivity Tool?

The QuickBooks Desktop POS Connectivity tool lets you pinpoint server connectivity problems that may be causing the QuickBooks POS Client Cannot Connect to a Server error. So that it is simple to deal with them appropriately. Additionally, it assists you in resolving several additional problems, including those related to network connectivity, third-party Firewall limitations, POS startup problems, and more. All it takes to resolve these problems is downloading and running the program.

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