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How to Resolve QBCFMonitorService Not Running On This Computer?

Is your QBCFMonitorService not running on this computer? The

Is your QBCFMonitorService not running on this computer? The Company File Monitoring Service must fulfill several specified functions for QuickBooks to operate without a hitch. Use the procedures listed below; as a result to fix the errors as soon as possible.

The QBCFmonitorservice not running on this computer is one of such issue that is encountered by the user. The corrupt software converts the QuickBooks files to an invalid format, which is the primary reason the error appears. You will have all the facts by the blog’s conclusion, and our top troubleshooting suggestions will assist you in resolving the problem.

What is QBCFMonitor Service Keeps Stopping Issues?

The QBCFMonitorService.exe file in the QuickBooks installation directory runs the QBCFmonitorservice QuickBooks Desktop program file. This procedure enables workstation computers to connect with the company file on the server and aids QuickBooks in operating in multi-user mode.

When this function cannot run on your system, QuickBooks encounters connection issues when attempting to access the company file and displays the error message “QBCFMonitorservice not running on this computer.” The sources of the mistake and some easy ways to fix it are covered next in this article.

What Causes QBCFMonitorService Not to Run On a PC or a Computer?

There are many reasons for the QBCFMonitoservice to crash constantly, however, most of them are quite typical.

The causes are mentioned below:

  1. The firewall is blocking the software for QuickBooks QBCFMonitorservice.
  2. QBCFMonitorService abruptly stopped on the server machine.
  3. Your company file is not hosted appropriately on the QuickBooks Server, where it is kept.
  4. You may have installed an old version of the server management database for the QuickBooks database.
  5. Moreover, your file might be converted into an inaccessible format by a malicious application.
  6. QBCFMonitorservice issue can also arise when the database service does not start automatically.
  7. Windows registry entries that are damaged or corrupted may also cause this problem.
  8. The qbdbpf log file monitor service may not operate locally due to conflicts with another installed program.
  9. Because of the deletion of its files or unattended installation (qbcfmonitorservice.exe), the QBCFMonitorService crashes in a recurring manner. The problem of QBCFMonitorService not functioning can also arise from a flawed, unfinished, or incorrect installation of QuickBooks Professional.

Important Things to Do Before Fixing QBFCMonitorservice Keeps Stopping Error

Before beginning to troubleshoot the QBCFMonitorservice not starting issue, keep the following in mind:

  1. To avoid a permanent data disturbance, create a backup of your company’s financial information.
  2. Keep QuickBooks and MS Windows installation CDs close at hand, along with license numbers.

How to Resolve QBCFMonitorService Not Running On a PC or a Computer?

➤ Solution 1: Configure Windows & Third-Party Firewall if software is blocked for Quickbooks

➤ Solution 2: Restart QBCFMonitorService.exe

➤ Solution 3: Reconfigure the Company File on QuickBooks Multi-User Hosting Set up on the Server

➤ Solution 4: Install the Updates of the QuickBooks Database Manager Server

➤ Solution 5: Check your computer for viruses and malware to see if any files are infected

➤ Solution 6: Set up QuickBooks Database Manager Service to start it automatically

➤ Solution 7: Ping the Server Computer from the Workstation to check database service manager works properly

➤ Solution 8: Repair Your Windows Registry if entries are damaged or corrupted

➤ Solution 9: Fix conflict with another installed program

➤ Solution 9: Open the Document in a New Folder

➤ Solution 10: Fix QBCFMonitorService Crashes

Numerous fixes are available for the issue of qbcfmonitorservice not operating on this computer. Each one of them should be read in turn.

Solution 1: Configure Windows & Third-Party Firewall if Software is Blocked for QuickBooks

IMPORTANT: Once you’ve reinstalled QuickBooks Database Manager, it’s essential to check that the server computer and the workstations can communicate. You can do this by sending a simple ping command to the server computer.

Please read our article on QuickBooks Error 6094, -0 for comprehensive information on installing Windows Firewall and assigning suitable ports to QuickBooks.

  1. Go to the server computer and launch the command prompt by inputting CMD in the Run dialog box.
  2. You may find the server computer’s IP address by entering IPConfig and pressing Enter.
  3. Open the command prompt window on the workstation where the error is occurring.
  4. To test connectivity, enter PING (the server’s IP address) and click Enter.
  5. Your workstation will transmit four data packets to the server after you run the previous command to see if the server has received them all.
  6. If the server receives all four data packets from the above command, it will reply to you with the status.
  7. Finally, if the status indicates a packet loss, you must address network settings concerns.

Solution 2: Restart QBCFMonitorService.exe

  1. Close QuickBooks
  2. Right Click Task Manager from the taskbar by clicking it.
  3. Select the Processes tab.
  4.  To end the task, select QBCFMonitorService from the context menu.
  5.  Confirm by selecting “Yes.”
  6.  Open QuickBooks
Restart QBCFMonitorService.exe

Solution 3: Reconfigure the Company File on QuickBooks Multi-User Hosting Set up on the Server

When the company file is not configured appropriately on the QuickBooks Server, the  hosting may get disabled, due to which retrieving the File saved on the server may be problematic.

To check the hosting configuration and adjust it, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the File tab in QuickBooks Desktop after opening it.
  2. Put the mouse pointer over the utility selection.
  3. Choose the “Host Multi-User Access” option.
  4. Access for Multiple Users on QuickBooks.
  5. Click Yes after the confirmation window pops up on the screen.
  6. Verify that you are simply turning on hosting for the server.
  7. Ensure that none of the workstation computers are running Multi-user Hosting.
  8. If you have the option to “Switch to Single-User mode,” QuickBooks will now operate in multi-user mode, and you must click the button to “Switch to Single-User mode.”
  9. Do not modify the settings if you see the option to Switch to multi-user mode.
  10. If changing the hosting configuration does not solve the issue, go to the next troubleshooting step and use QuickBooks Database Server Manager to address the issues.
QuickBooks Host Multi User Access

Solution 4: Install the Updates of the QuickBooks Database Manager Server

In contrast, the main cause for this inability to access the company file is an outdated QuickBooks Database Server Manager. To fix the problem, follow the steps below and refresh and update the database server management.

  1. Check out the most recent version of the QuickBooks Database Manager server for your QuickBooks edition by clicking the link.
  1. If you still need to install the most recent updates and patches, open QuickBooks now.
  2. Select Update QuickBooks under the Help menu.
Update QuickBooks Desktop
  1. Under the Update Now tab, check the boxes next to the QuickBooks features and updates.
  2. Click the Get Updates button immediately, then wait as the application downloads all the available updates.
Update QuickBooks
  1. Following the installation of the QuickBooks updates, make sure to restart the server and workstations.

If this one didn’t work to resolve the QuickBooks 2022 server not running issue, move on to the next one.

Solution 5: Check your Computer for Viruses and Malware to see if any Files are Infected

Install and scan your system with a trustworthy antivirus or anti-malware program. Popular security programs like Avast and Norton can be used for free or as a trial.

The QBCFMonitorService.exe files can also be scanned using free online services.

Follow the instructions below to accomplish the same:

  1. The QBCFMonitorService.exe file should be copied and pasted to the Desktop.
  2. Go to VirusTotal.
  3. Select “Choose File”
  4. From the desktop folder, choose the QBCFMonitorService.exe file.
  5. Select Scan.
  6. Select Fix.
  7. Replace the one in the QB folder with this one by downloading it.

This will take care of viruses and malware. All of your files would have been encrypted if your PC had ransomware. Please contact our technical team in this situation.

Solution 6: Set up QuickBooks Database Manager Service to Start it Automatically

The system must be configured so that QuickBooks Database Server Manager launches automatically. If you don’t set QuickBooks Database Server Manager to run automatically, it will stop functioning whenever you restart Windows. We will reconfigure the database server manager service using the following procedures to see if this fixes the issue.

  1. On your keyboard, press Windows + R, and then type services.msc into the run box.
  2. Finally, press Enter or OK.
  3. To modify the properties of the QuickBooks DBXX service, look for it in the list of services.
  4. If you discover that the service is stopped, right-click it and choose Properties.
  5. Change the Startup Type setting under the General tab from Manual to Automatic.
  6. Now select Local System Account from This Account under the Log On menu.
  7. Click on ‘Restart the Service’ from the first failure, second failure, and subsequent failure drop-down lists on the Recovery tab.
  8. Finally, click Apply and OK.
Services mcs Command

Solution 7: Ping the Server Computer from the Workstation to Check Database Service Manager Works Properly

After reinstalling QuickBooks Database Server Manager, check if they are connected by sending a ping command from the workstation to the server computer.

The actions entail:

  1. Open the command prompt, type cmd in the Run dialog box (Windows + R).
  2. To get the IP address of the server computer, type ipconfig and press Enter in the command prompt window.
  3. Go to the workstations where the “QBCFMonitorService is not running” problem has occurred.
  4. To check for connectivity, open the command prompt window as indicated above and execute PING (the IP address of the server computer).
  5. With this command, the workstation computer can test whether the server receives all four packets by sending four to the server.
  6. The server notifies the workstation of the status when it receives all the packets.
  7. Loss of packets on the network indicates connectivity problems that require configuration.

Solution 8: Repair Your Windows Registry if Entries are Damaged or Corrupted

  1. Take a backup of the Windows registry before beginning.
  2. Remove the QBCFMonitorService.exe file’s associated registries.
  3. Restart QuickBooks to see if the problem has been resolved.

Solution 9: Fix Conflict with Another Installed Program

  1. Make sure that the most recent versions of both programs are installed.
  2. Check both programs’ settings. Look for choices that can be causing conflicts, such as resource allocation or comparable keyboard shortcuts.
  3. If possible, make separate user accounts for each software. By isolating their settings and configurations, conflicts are decreased.
  4. To make sure that they are not preventing communication between the two programs, check the firewall or antivirus settings.
  5. Examine both applications’ log files and error messages. They might offer perceptions into where the disagreement originated.

Solution 10: Fix QBCFMonitorService Crashes

You can solve this problem with the help of available tools. Some of the tools are mentioned below:

  1. Reboot.bat
  2. Quickbooks Component Repair Tool
  3. Quickbooks File Doctor

Are you still encountering the “QBCFMonitorService is not running” error?


Thanks to the information in this section, You can better understand how to fix the “QBCFMonitorService is not running” error.

Hopefully, the above-given information is useful for you. But if you still facing any kind of issues with your software and need professional assistance, regarding accounting, bookkeeping & accounting software-related issues then feel free to get in touch with us at +1-802-778-9005, or you can mail to us at: [email protected]


What are the Points to Consider Before Troubleshooting the QBCF Monitoring Service?

When QBCF Monitoring Service is unable to start, keep the following in mind:

  1. You should make a backup copy of your company’s financial data to prevent loss or damage.
  2. Keep QuickBooks and Microsoft Windows installation CDs and any necessary licensing numbers on hand.

Why is My QuickBooks Desktop Showing QBCfmonitorsevice Not Running Error?

Program from a third party that interferes with QuickBooks’ QBCFMONITORSERVICE.EXE is one of the primary causes. Why was the My QuickBooks show QBCFMONITORSERVICE terminated unexpectedly?

Because When the server-side QBCFMonitorservice terminates, the File’s location is revealed.

How Can I Access the Company File if QBCFmonitorsevice Still Needs to Be Fixed?

All you have to do to use the same company file with your QuickBooks is to copy the company file from a server location to a local one. But be careful to activate single-user mode in QuickBooks.

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