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How to Fix QuickBooks Update Error Code 1328?

How to Fix QuickBooks Update Error Code 1328?

Learn the best ways to troubleshoot QuickBooks Update Error 1328.

The QuickBooks Error 1328 is a temp file related error. Since it also relates to configuration issues in a system, the user needs to resolve the bug as soon as possible. This may cause an issue when the user is trying to update the application. Hence, we will learn how to deal with QuickBooks update error 1328 through multiple ways.

Undoubtedly, QuickBooks is a widely used bookkeeping and accounting software. It has helped many non-accounting users to understand and execute bookkeeping tasks if they are looking for online bookkeeping services. Also, users get accurate balance sheets, tax statements, bank reconciliations and other major reports. To put it simply, it provides many accounting solutions in an affordable and user-friendly manner.

However, it has its share of drawbacks as well. Users who run QuickBooks are always dealing with QuickBooks Errors. These bugs are frustrating and reduce the work efficiency of the user. Today, we are dealing with one such issue: QuickBooks update error 1328.

What Is QuickBooks Update Error 1328?

The files with extension TMP can cause QuickBooks Error 1328. It is usually an update-related error, and the TMP files are located in the config.msi folder.

The user may also face this error while repairing, installing, or uninstalling the QuickBooks Desktop application. Hence, this error will prevent the user from working on any company file. Users will receive the following error on the screen:

QuickBooks Error Message 1328 Pro Accountant

Why Does QuickBooks Error 1328 Occur?

QuickBooks errors are frustrating. Hence, one must know the root cause before trying to fix the issue. There are numerous reasons why QuickBooks Error 1328 applying patch might occur:

  • Program files are damaged/ corrupted.
  • The system is under malware attack/ shutdown issues/other issues.
  • Windows operating system has invalid entries in the Windows registry, and the operating system files are damaged.
  • The QB software license is invalid/ company files are corrupted.
  • There are network and connectivity issues.

What Are the Symptoms of QuickBooks update error 1328?

Below we have discussed some ways to figure out if your system is facing the issue of QuickBooks Error 1328 or not:

  • The QB update will abruptly stop in the middle of the process.
  • The installed QuickBooks software window will crash often, leading to QuickBooks Update Error 1328
  • The uninstallation and installation process gets interrupted and the error message pops on the screen.
  • Users will not be able to complete the repair process in the accounting software.
  • The QuickBooks will respond slowly.

How to Fix QuickBooks Error 1328: The Solutions

Since QuickBooks Update Error Code 1328 can occur due to various reasons, it can also be tackled through different solutions.

Solution 1: Resolving Error With config.msi File

  • Firstly, the user has to go to start–> Explore–>This PC.
  • The user has to open the C Drive, and look for the view option from the top bar. User has to click the show hidden files option.
  • Look for the config.msi folder/ file, and rename it by adding .old extension.

Hide the protected files and go to the application again to check whether the error reappears or not.

Solution 2: Repair QuickBooks Installation with QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

QB Install Diagnostic Tool is not readily available. The user has to use the tool, the user has to first download and install the QB Tool hub. This way, they can resolve the error 1328.

QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool Steps to Install and Run
  • Firstly, exit QuickBooks and download the latest version of QB Tool hub from the official website of Intuit QuickBooks.
  • Then, install the EXE file by following on-screen instructions. After that, an icon of QB Tool Hub appears on the desktop.
  • Open this icon, and go to the Installation Issues tab.
  • Run the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic toolThe process completion might take ~20 minutes.

After this, restart the system and go to the QuickBooks desktop to check if the issue is resolved or not.

Solution 3: QuickBooks Install Repair Option

  • Go to start–> search bar –> type control panel –> Press Enter.
  • After that, the user may select Programs & Features.
  • Then, locate and click the QuickBooks Product Heading tab. After that, the user needs to uninstall it by changing any button.
Repair QuickBooks Desktop Screenshot-1
  • After that, proceed with the repair tab. Once the repair process is complete, update the software again.

It will resolve the QuickBooks update error 1328 applying patch to file. If the error persists, try other methods to resolve the issue.

Solution 4: QuickBooks Clean Installation

  • Firstly, the user has to uninstall existing QuickBooks software. Now, for reinstallation, the user has two options: CD installation, and Installation through the downloadable file.
Select QuickBooks version and product version in clean install tool Screenshot
  • If the user has a CD driver with their system, they can install the product again using the QuickBooks Product CD.
  • Otherwise, they can keep ready the product key and download it from the official site of Intuit.

Hopefully, a clean installation will remove the Error 1328.

Solution 5: Registry Repair Tool

  • Go to the registry repair tool, and repair the damaged registry entries related to QB software.
  • With the help of an antivirus, remove all malware from the system. Also, remove junk files from the system.
  • The user also has to uninstall all obsolete PC drivers.
  • When the cleaning process is done, run the windows system file check option.

Finally, install all necessary windows updates and check for the QuickBooks Error Code 1328 again.

Solution 6: Update The Windows OS

Some Microsoft components are integral for the functioning of QuickBooks. These components include MSXML,, and C++.

Hence, one must ensure that these components are present and up-to-date in your system. We will learn how to update these components:

  • Firstly, the user has to go to start menu. After that, they have to type updates in their search bar.
  • When they press Enter, update icon will appear on the list. Click this icon and press the button to check for updates.

Finally, the users need to restart the system and check if the bug persists or not.


In this blog, we tried to resolve every query related to the error. We mentioned its symptoms and causes and suggested different methods to resolve the error.

The solutions provided above should fix the QuickBooks update error 1328, however, if you experience any interruptions using any of those solutions, or if the error does not resolve, reach out to us on our expert’s contact number 1-802-778-9005 for immediate support.

FAQs: Fix error 1328 in QuickBooks

How do I fix error 1328 in QuickBooks? 

QuickBooks may be reinstalled, or common desktop installation issues can be fixed using the QBInstall tool.

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