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Peachtree to QuickBooks Online Data Conversion

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Switch from Peachtree to QuickBooks Online

Switch from Peachtree to QuickBooks Online, view your accounts from any location at any time, and use the highly adjustable reporting features to automate your company’s efficiency. 

Peachtree and QuickBooks are both accounting tools, but QuickBooks is mostly preferred over Peachtree due to its intuitive user interface and cloud-based access, which requires less additional setup and costs.

QuickBooks Online is preferred by many companies because of its easy integration with a wide range of third-party apps, real-time data access from any internet-connected device, and ongoing maintenance and improvements. Improved scalability and more frequent updates are just a few of the features that make QuickBooks Online a flexible and effective financial management solution for expanding enterprises. Because of these benefits, QuickBooks Online is a more contemporary and adaptable option for fast-paced businesses.

Limitations of Peachtree 

Peachtree to QuickBooks Online

The popular accounting program Peachtree, now called Sage 50 Cloud Accounting, offers many powerful features ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises. However, it has some limitations, like other software. The following are a few limitations linked to Peachtree:

  • Limited User Capacity: Because Peachtree is primarily intended for small and medium-sized firms, it might need to be able to meet the demands of larger organizations that need to support several users who want simultaneous access and a high volume of transactions.
  • Performance Degradation: As the volume of data increases, the program may encounter performance problems, such as decreased processing rates and a higher chance of crashes.
  • Restricted Integration Options: Compared to some competitors, Peachtree may need to link more easily with other programs or outside apps, which could limit its capabilities and necessitate more manual data entering.
  • Customization Constraints: Users who seek special customizations may find it difficult to accomplish because customizing reports and other features may require significant technical knowledge.
  • Assistance Limitations: Although assistance is offered, some consumers have complained about unreliable customer service. Support may need to live up to expectations in terms of quality and responsiveness, especially during busy periods.
  • Data Capacity: Excessively big data files may cause the software to malfunction, slowing down operations and raising the possibility of data corruption.

QuickBooks Online: Advantages 

  • Cloud-Based Platform: QuickBooks Online delivers flexibility for remote work and multi-location administration since it can be used from any location with an internet connection.
  • Data Protection: To safeguard your financial information, QuickBooks Online employs cutting-edge security procedures, such as encryption and frequent backups.
  • Intuitive Interface: QuickBooks Online’s intuitive interface makes it more effortless to use, even for individuals with little experience with accounting.
  • Multiple Users: QuickBooks Online allows multiple users to work at one time, promoting cooperation between accountants and team members.
  • Multi-Device Access: QuickBooks Online is handy for desktops, tablets, and smartphones, ensuring that you can manage your finances while on the road.
  • Instant Syncing: Real-time updates to transactions and data facilitate improved decision-making and access to the most recent financial data.
  • User Permissions: To ensure data security and suitable access control, you can appoint distinct users to various permission levels.
  • Flexible Plans: QuickBooks Online provides a range of subscription plans, allowing companies to select the one that most closely matches their requirements and expand as they grow.

EBB Checklist: Peachtree to QuickBooks Online Migration

Peachtree to QuickBooks Online
  • Browser compatibility:  Google Chrome is advised for the best compatibility during the conversion process. Make sure your internet connection is steady to ensure a smooth move.
  • Operating System: Check the compatibility of your operating system. Check if Windows 8, Windows 10, or Windows 11 is installed on your computer.
  • Processor: Keep an Intel Pentium II processor operating at 500 MHz or above to guarantee the efficient handling of conversion tasks.
  • Memory(RAM): To get around system latency, supply 512 MB.
  • Microsoft .NET Framework: Verify that Microsoft.NET Framework Version 2.0 or higher is present on your system in order to enhance compatibility with conversion tools.

Know What you can Convert or What you cannot!

  What can be Converted?    From Peachtree to QuickBooks Online        What cannot be Converted?From Peachtree to QuickBooks Online
Chart of AccountsCustomer DetailsSupplier DetailsOpening Account BalancesAged ReceivablesAged PayablesBank TransactionsCredit CardInvoices and Credit Notes DetailedBills and Bill credit DetailedAll Manual JournalsBudgetsTrack InventoryClasses / Job / DepartmentPurchase Orders and Sales EstimatesFixed AssetExpense ClaimsMemorized TransactionsPayment TermsCustom VAT RatesInvoice TemplatesTime Sheets  

Preparing yourself for data conversion from Peachtree to QuickBooks

To guarantee a seamless transfer, the conversion of data from Peachtree to QuickBooks needs to be carefully planned. The actions to get ready for this conversion are as follows:

  • Determine the kind and volume of data, such as accounts, vendors, customers, inventory items, transactions, etc., that you need to convert.
  • Make sure your Peachtree data is clean by fixing mistakes, closing unused accounts, and addressing disparities.
  • Make a full backup of your existing Peachtree data to guard against data loss during the conversion procedure.
  • Use Peachtree’s export feature to export your data to a format that works with QuickBooks Online, usually CSV or Excel files; ensure that the exported data is suitably formatted and ordered for import.
  • To import the data, use the built-in import tools in QuickBooks Online. The QuickBooks Data Import Wizard is one tool that might make this procedure easier. Import data in manageable portions (e.g., customers, vendors, then accounts) to minimize errors.

Why Do You Need an Expert to Switch from Peachtree to QuickBooks Conversion?

The process of moving from Peachtree to QuickBooks can be tricky, and professional assistance is often beneficial. Here are a few reasons as to why you might require an expert assistance with this conversion:

  • Experts are capable of precisely mapping data fields to guarantee proper transfer because they are aware of the variations in Peachtree and QuickBooks’ data architecture.
  • They can manage complicated data linkages and bespoke fields that require accurate mapping to prevent errors or data loss.
  • Experts guarantee the accurate and error-free transfer of all data, including balances, transactions, and history records.
  • They are skilled at spotting and fixing problems that may come up throughout the conversion process, guaranteeing the accuracy of your data.
  • The procedure can be streamlined by experts, who can do it more quickly and effectively than if you tried to do it yourself.
  • They are able to arrange and carry out the conversion with the least amount of interference to your company’s daily activities.
  • Experts can transfer data more easily by using software and conversion tools that can be difficult for non-experts to use. They can promptly handle and fix any technological problems that might come up throughout the conversion procedure.
  • Experts guarantee that the conversion procedure follows all applicable accounting rules and guidelines.

What should you look for in a QuickBooks conversion process?

Careful planning and close attention to detail are necessary when switching from another accounting system to QuickBooks in order to guarantee a seamless transfer and continuation of your financial management. The following are important things to think about when converting QuickBooks:

  • Recognize the data and structure in the accounting system you now use. Determine which data, such as the chart of accounts, vendor and customer lists, open bills, inventory data, and payroll information, need to be moved.
  • Clearly state the conversion’s objectives, including increased reporting capabilities, productivity, and improved integration with other business tools.
  • Make sure your data in the current system is clean so that only relevant and correct data is transferred across. This includes storing outdated documents, eliminating duplication, and fixing mistakes.
  • QuickBooks provides integrated tools and external providers for converting data. Examine these options and select the one that guarantees a precise transmission of your data.
  • Verify that your present system’s chart of accounts accurately corresponds to QuickBooks. This procedure is essential to preserving the accuracy of financial reports after conversion.
  • Make sure your data conversion satisfies all applicable industry-specific regulatory and compliance criteria.

Steps to convert from Peachtree to QuickBooks Online

Using Data Switcher

Before starting with the conversion, make sure to create a backup of your Peachtree file. In case, you have not cleaned your file, then first do that and then proceed. While creating the backup, always make a copy of the following:

  • Purchase tax report
  • Sales tax report
  • Account transactions

Before proceeding with the conversion, it’s important to ensure that all necessary preparations have been made. Once you are confident that everything is in order, you can proceed with the following steps for a successful conversion.

Step 1: Delete any existing file from QuickBooks Online

You can only begin with the conversion steps once you have deleted all the existing transactions from your QuickBooks Online file. To delete the existing file:

Step 2: Disable the Sales Tax option and Bank & Credit Card accounts

You must make sure that Sales Tax is not enabled, and if it is, kindly disable it from your QuickBooks Online account. When you first log in to QuickBooks Online, it may ask you to link your bank and credit card accounts. Please do not do this until you’re instructed to do so in the post-conversion checklist.

Step 3: Submitting a file to Data Switcher

Kindly ensure that all the required files are backed up and ready for conversion. The Dataswitche conversion wizard will ask the following:

  1. Review the pre-conversion checklist.
  2. Reset your QuickBooks Online account.
  3. Do not use QuickBooks Online until the conversion is complete.
  4. Provide the following: 
  • Company name.
  • Email address of the person at your company responsible for the conversion.

After providing them all, select Next or sign in with your Intuit ID and hit Continue. Once you hit  continue, you will receive a mandatory per-conversion task. 

You can checkmark all the boxes and then upload your Peachtree file by selecting Browse on the computer, selecting your Peachtree file, and selecting Open. Select Confirm to upload your file. 

Now, the Dataswicther will check your QuickBooks Online account and begin with the conversion. 

Using CSV File

In order to convert the data from Peachtree to QuickBooks Online, first we need to export all the required data from Peachtree to a CSV file. Once the transfer is done, now it’s time to import data from CSV files to QuickBooks Online. Below are the steps to do the same: 

How to export information

Peachtree to QuickBooks Online
  1. Launch the necessary module, such as Customers.
  2. Click Reports, then choose the appropriate folder, such as Customer Information.
  3. Choose the necessary report, such as the Customer Record CSV.
  4. To save the file, click Export and navigate to the desired destination.
  5. Choose an appropriate file name.
  6. Choose CSV Files (*.csv) from the drop-down list under “Save as type.”
  7. After selecting Save, fill in the necessary fields.
  8. Press OK. 

How to use QuickBooks Online to import data

Peachtree to QuickBooks Online
  1. Open QuickBooks Online and log in.
  2. Navigate to Settings, then choose Import data.
  3. Choose the information you want to import, and you will be done.

Note: In case you are using the Excel file format to import data, make sure to import each Excel spreadsheet in the following order:

  1. Chart of Accounts
  2. Customer
  3. Suppliers
  4. Products and services
  5. Invoices
  6. Bills

What kind of Possible errors do you encounter during the QuickBooks Online data conversion process?  

The conversion of data in QuickBooks Online may result in several kinds of things that could be corrected. It is crucial to properly prepare and clean up your data before conversion, carry out test conversions, and confirm the accuracy of the transferred data in order to reduce these errors. So, here are some of the possible errors you might encounter during the data conversion process:

  • Inaccurate data transfer may result in improper mapping of accounts, clients, suppliers, or items from the old system to QuickBooks Online. Transaction problems and incorrect account balances could arise from this.
  • Certain data, such as incomplete item details, partial customer or vendor information, or missing transactions, may only be transferred partially or accurately.
  • Import issues could result from data from the old system not fitting the specifications of the format needed in QuickBooks Online. 
  • If the same data is imported more than once or if there were duplicates in the previous system, duplicate records may arise during the conversion process.
  • Misclassified transactions and inaccurate account balances may result from differences in the arrangement or numbering of the chart of accounts between QuickBooks Online and the old system.
  • If the old system’s inventory management elements are not exactly aligned with those in QuickBooks Online, errors in inventory data, such as inaccurate amounts, values, or item descriptions, may arise.
  • Payroll management system discrepancies may result in inaccurate conversion of payroll data, including tax information, payroll history, and employee information.


For companies looking for a more cutting-edge, adaptable, and user-friendly accounting solution, selecting QuickBooks Online over Peachtree (Sage 50) is a calculated move. With its cloud-based platform, QuickBooks Online excels, enabling real-time access and collaboration from any location, which is a critical feature for today’s dynamic work environments. 

Additionally, it provides a smooth connection with numerous third-party apps, increasing overall corporate productivity. Apart from that, QuickBooks Online offers a more user-friendly design, simpler data updates and migration, and expandable alternatives that can expand to meet your company’s needs. Because of these benefits, QuickBooks Online is a top option for companies looking to improve their financial management by streamlining their accounting procedures and utilizing cutting-edge technology.

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