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QuickBooks Time Review

Understanding QuickBooks Time Tracking

For small businesses, managing teams, scheduling tasks, tracking employees’ hours, handling payroll, invoicing, and ensuring efficient project management can be tough tasks. QuickBooks Time reduces manual data entry and streamlines payroll processing, which saves both time and money.

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QuickBooks Time is cloud-based time-tracking software that automates regular time, overtime, double overtime, and workers’ time off. It seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks Online, which ensures smooth accounting processes.

QuickBooks Time can be accessed via a web dashboard or the QuickBooks Workforce app on Android and iOS mobile devices. It features time tracking, payroll integrations, and customizable reports that help with workforce management.

How does QuickBooks Time work?

QuickBooks Time simplifies time tracking, enhances workforce management, and integrates seamlessly with other QuickBooks products. Once the QuickBooks Time app is linked to your QuickBooks Online subscription, you can initiate the customization process. This entails:

Time Tracking: Employees use the QuickBooks Time mobile app or web interface to clock in and out. They can also track time spent on specific tasks, projects, or clients. The app captures GPS location for accurate time tracking.

Scheduling and Shift Management: Managers create schedules, assign shifts, and notify employees in QuickBooks Time. Employees receive shift alerts and can accept or decline shifts. Real-time visibility helps avoid overstaffing or gaps.

Job Costing: With QuickBooks Time, you can assign labor costs to specific jobs or projects, track hours worked, and allocate costs accurately. You can also generate reports for better project management.

Payroll Integration: QuickBooks Time syncs seamlessly with QuickBooks Payroll. Employee hours, overtime, and paid time off (PTO) data flow directly into payroll. Eliminates manual data entry and reduces errors.

Invoicing and Billing: Billable hours are automatically calculated based on tracked time. You can generate invoices directly from the app, improving accuracy and streamlining client billing.

Reporting and Insights: Access real-time reports on employee hours, project progress, and costs. Make informed decisions for resource allocation. Gain insights into workforce productivity.

QuickBooks Time Subscription and Pricing

QuickBooks Time offers flexible plans designed to streamline time management for small businesses. It offers two pricing tiers: Premium and Elite, both of which include a generous 30-day free trial.

PlanBase FeeUser FeeFeatures

$20/month$8/user/monthWorkforce mobile appStreamlined payroll and invoicingJob and shift schedulingCustomized reportsSee who’s workingTime off managementAlerts and notificationsPhoto attachmentTime kioskUnlimited customer support

$40/month$10/user/monthWorkforce mobile appAll Premium BenefitsMileage trackingTrack project progress to planProject estimates vs actualsProject activity feedTimesheet signaturesGeofencing

QuickBooks Time provides simple solutions to meet your time tracking needs, whether you’re managing a small business, a mid-size company, or a freelancer.

QuickBooks Time offers special pricing for companies with over 50 users. However, it does not offer any discount for annual payments. Here’s what you need to know about their plans:

Administrator Role: All plans come with one administrator role. This person manages everything related to time tracking.

Additional Admins: If you need more administrators, QuickBooks Time will charge you extra fees.

Manager Permissions: Managers can track, edit, and approve time, but they don’t have scheduling permissions.

Note: QuickBooks Time offers a 30-day free trial and requires no credit card to use QuickBooks Time Software

Benefits of Using QuickBooks Time Software

QuickBooks Time helps businesses with efficient tools, making workforce management smoother and more effective. It is a time-tracking software designed to streamline employee time management. Here are some of its key benefits:

  • Efficient Payroll: You can upload timesheets directly to your accounting software, which makes payroll processing quick and hassle-free.
  • Real-Time Tracking: Employees can clock in and out in real-time, manually enter their hours, and utilize advanced features to customize time entries for different fields, projects, and tasks.
  • Mobile Accessibility: QuickBooks Time mobile app allows remote workforces to track time and locations using their smartphones.
  • Payroll Approvals Made Easy: Employees can review and submit timesheets, which simplifies the payroll approval process.
  • Smart Reminders: Each employee can set up reminders for clocking in or out, even during lunch breaks.
  • Scheduling Board: Dispatch employees to different jobs efficiently using the scheduling board.
  • Who’s on the Clock: On the clock allows owners to see the employee’s status. Whether they are on the clock, on a break, off the clock but worked earlier today, or off the clock and didn’t work today.

Why QuickBooks Time is Best For Mobile WorkForces

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QuickBooks Workforce app is specifically designed for QuickBooks Payroll and QuickBooks Time (formerly TSheets). It serves as a centralized platform where teams can conveniently view pay information and track time.

Employees can access pay stubs, clock in and out, submit paid time off requests and manage job schedules. Employers can approve timesheets, monitor work status, and track vacation accruals. The app streamlines payroll processes, integrates with other software, and provides detailed time logs for labor disputes and audits.

The QuickBooks Workforce mobile app lets businesses manage employee hours, schedules, and paychecks all in one place. Companies using QuickBooks Time and QuickBooks Online Payroll can now seamlessly manage W-2 forms and paychecks using this app.

If you’re a QuickBooks Time admin, you’ll need to adjust some settings and permissions to ensure your team can use the QuickBooks Workforce app. While contractors can’t view their pay information on the app, they can still track their time.

Features in QuickBooks Time Desktop

QuickBooks Time is a time-tracking software that brings changes in how businesses manage their work hours. Whether you’re a small business owner or part of a large enterprise, QuickBooks Time offers essential features to streamline your operations:

  • Job Scheduling: QuickBooks Time allows one to plan and set multiple schedules, which reduces the manual work. Business owners can create and assign jobs and set alerts to notify workers of new jobs. It makes the work easier for owners to view employee locations, communicate start times, and update job information in real time.
  • Time Kiosk: It is a tablet-based digital punch clock that has enabled a photo capture feature. It can help in tracking working hours on the same device. Regardless of location, owners can manage on-site attendance with a digital punch clock.
  • GPS & Geofencing: With GPS mileage tracking, you can see and calculate travel expenses and easily file taxes and reimburse them. Business owners can easily track with GPS tracking which employee is nearest to the next job site and notify them of the next task. It can help manage a remote or mobile workforce on the go.
  • Project Time tracking: Time tracking in a project lets you know how much time employees are spending on the same project. It also gives an easy-to-view chart through which you can compare budgeted hours to actual hours during and after you complete a project.
  • Alerts and Approvals: QuickBooks Time helps you to create and manage schedules for employees and send them notifications about shift changes. You can customize notifications to notify employees with alerts and push notifications.
  • Timesheet Calculator: This feature allows you to track and analyze employee work hours, overtime, vacation days, and even lunch breaks to get an overview of employees’ performance. Reducing the manual work and automating the work hour calculation process.
  • Timesheet Templates: Timesheet Templates enable you to choose between your daily, weekly, monthly, and even industry-specific templates to keep track of everything. You can also add tables and charts for reporting and keep track of employees’ hours to ensure they get paid correctly.
  • Shift Scheduling: Managers can copy and paste employee shifts with the QuickBooks Time scheduling app. It helps to keep the workforce running smoothly whether you have rotational or fixed shifts. You can even set shift reminders to send alerts through push notifications.
  • PTO Tracking: PTO is a time-off tracker available in QuickBooks Time, which lets you customize paid and unpaid time-off policies. This feature enables management of employees’ leave and vacations with ease and avoids manual or paperwork.
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  • Who’s Working: QuickBooks Time lets you track your employees’ work lives. Unlike old-fashioned paper timesheets, it shows you who’s working and what they’re up to, all in real time. Plus, it even has GPS tracking to keep everyone accountable.

QuickBooks Online Payroll and Time Tracking

QuickBooks Time Online Payroll is a comprehensive solution that combines time tracking, payroll management, and human resources (HR) functionalities. This integration streamlines payroll processing by eliminating manual time entry and reducing errors.

QuickBooks Time provides accurate tax calculations for payroll. It handles payroll taxes, ensuring compliance and accuracy. You can pay your team via direct deposit, and the system supports same-day deposits. The pricing plan includes a 30-day 30-day free trial with no credit card required.

The QuickBooks Online Payroll Premium bundle charges $8 for every user on per month basis, along with a base fee of $75 per employee per month.

The QuickBooks Online Payroll Premium + Simple Start bundle costs $8 per user per month, along with a base fee of $105 per employee per month.

QuickBooks Time Integration

QuickBooks Time integrates with multiple payroll and accounting software, allowing you to export hours worked for payroll, invoicing, and job costing quickly and easily.

With QuickBooks Online Essentials, Plus, Advanced, Accountant, or QuickBooks Online Payroll Premium or Elite, your team members can track time with QuickBooks Time. This integration allows you to import timesheets from QuickBooks Time to other third-party software for invoicing and labor costing.

The integration allows the QuickBooks Workforce mobile app to access employee time data. It’s the only time tracker that works inside QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Time integrates with any QuickBooks Desktop account except for QuickBooks Desktop for Mac.

Final Words

QuickBooks Time, also known as QuickBooks Timesheets, is a time-tracking tool for managing work progress. It simplifies business processes by allowing businesses to monitor employee working hours, schedule shifts, and track project progress.

QuickBooks Time streamlines time management with features like employee scheduling, job costing, and integrated payroll and invoicing. Whether accessed via smartphone, tablet, desktop, or laptop, it saves stakeholders time and money.

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