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How to Fix QuickBooks Error Code C=1327 (Invalid Drive Letter)

Error Code 1327 pops up during installation. Hence, it

Error Code 1327 pops up during installation. Hence, it is an installation-related error that occurs when the QuickBooks Software or the drive is not accessible. QuickBooks is an ideal software for all those business owners who want user-friendly bookkeeping and accounting solutions. It helps them prepare many financial reports with speed and accuracy. However, like much other software, it has different bugs, known as QuickBooks error code 1327. Today, we will discuss in detail an installation-related error.

What Do We Mean by QuickBooks Error 1327?

QuickBooks Error C=1327

QuickBooks Error Code 1327 is related to the installation of the application. To elaborate, it is an issue that occurs when the user is installing QuickBooks on their system. Whenever the user sets the installation media and tries installing their application, an error box appears with this warning message:

The drive is invalid.


Invalid drive letter.

Background Details

Installed programs and their components stay within the system. We call these places the Drives. For instance, in Windows, all the system files and folders are sometimes kept within the C drive.

You can see this list of drives on your system by checking in My Computer or This PC. Drives are nothing but the partitions of the system’s memory. It is more like dividing the area of a house into rooms.

Equipped with these background details, allow us to jump into the main points of the error currently.

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Causes of QuickBooks error code 1327

Before you attempt to understand the causes of the problem or try to resolve QuickBooks error code 1327, it’s best to understand many basics concerning installing the program on a system.

  • Corrupted/ Modified Path Storage Devices

This mainly happens after you try to put QuickBooks into an external storage device like an external system drive or a USB. If there’s a weak connection or disconnection throughout the installation method, QuickBooks Error 1327 happens.

  • The Microsoft .Net Framework Is Corrupted

Windows comes with a software system known as Microsoft .NET Framework that guarantees complete and proper installation of the software. Also, it ensures coordination among the windows OS and other programs. The error may also pop if the .NET Framework is corrupted.

  • Incorrect Registry Settings

A registry is essentially an area where the PC records all that’s happening on the system. For instance, the storage location of every file and so on. If the entry for QuickBooks installation in your system has the incorrect drive name or location, QuickBooks Error 1327 happens.

  • System-Specific Error

In addition to any or all these, there could also be some system-specific errors that only professionals could solve.
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Fix QuickBooks Error C 1327: Solution

  • Guarantee Accurate Connection Of Storage Devices

Make sure that every one of the cables and other items is connected to the PC properly. Also, ensure that the USB or Flash devices that you are using to put in QuickBooks are perfectly connected and functioning.

  • Repair Microsoft .Net Framework

Methods to Repair the Microsoft .NET Framework

repair microsoft net framework
  1. Firstly, go to Programs in the Control Panel.
  2. After that, click the option of Turn Windows Features On/Off.
  3. When asked, fill in all the credentials.
  4. Next to Microsoft .NET Framework, there is a checkbox. Uncheck it and restart the pc.
  5. Finally, open programs, and follow the same steps again. It means that the user has to check the box next to the NET framework again.

Below, we have mentioned steps to repair the registry settings.

Type regedit on run box
  • Firstly, back up the system registry.
  • After that, press Windows +R keys simultaneously. After that, type Regedit, and click the run option.
  • Follow this path: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders.
  • Look for the entries that list the drive letter. It must be mentioned in the error message.
  • Also, modify the wrong drive names to C drive.
  • Finally, save the settings. After that, restart the system and try reinstalling the application. Once the installation is complete, change the adjustments made to the registry back to its original form.

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Wrapping Up!

The solutions mentioned above will help you solve QuickBooks Error 1327. In case you cannot fix QuickBooks Error 1327 or are unable to understand the issue, reach out to QB Error Support contact number USA +1-802-778-9005 for immediate support.

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