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QuickBooks Point of Sale Error 100060

Fix QuickBooks Point of Sale Error 100060?

With this article, we will be discussing all details related to QuickBooks Error 100060. Such types of errors indicate that the computer can t create necessary records. However, many reasons may cause this error. This article is aimed to discuss ways to troubleshoot the error.

What is QuickBooks Point of Sale Error 100060?

The QuickBooks Point of Sale Error 100060 appears when you try to run your financial exchange for the first time.It might be because there are certain mandatory accounts that cannot be created. The Error message generally looks like this.

Error 100060: “QuickBooks POS could not create some necessary accounts in your QuickBooks Financial Software.”


  • The account was already active during the first financial transaction.
  • Administrator permissions for QuickBooks aren’t granted, for the account that the user is currently logged in at.

Fix the QuickBooks POS Error 100060: Solution

Case 1: When you face the error when the account is active on POS, and you are on the first financial transaction:

  • Step 1: Open QuickBooks.
  • Step 2: After that, go to the edit menu–> Preferences–> Accounting.
  • Step 3: Check Company Preferences–> clear use account number checkbox.
  • Step 4: Tap OK and open QuickBooks POS.
  • Step 5: After that, try a Financial Exchange.
  • Step 6: In QuickBooks, go to Edit menu–> Preferences–> Accounting
  • Step 7: Go to company preferences–> Use the Account Numbers checkbox. It will reactivate the account number option.

Case 2: When the logged-in user doesn’t have administrator permissions to Quickbooks

  • Step 1: Go to POS Company Preferences–> Cancel.
  • Step 2: Open QuickBooks–> File–> Close Company/ Logoff.
  • Step 3: Go to the No Company Open option and choose Open.
  • Step 4: From administrator mode login into the company file. After that, select the window, and Close All.
  • Step 5: Go to POS–> File–> Preference –> Company.
  • Step 6: Under financial preference, choose Accounts. Also, go to the basic tab and advanced tab to ensure that they have no brackets.

Case 3: When you can’t find the necessary account from the drop-down list, many accounts still have brackets

  • Step 1: In QuickBooks, go to Lists–> Chart of Accounts.
  • Step 2: Tap Account–> New.
  • Step 3: Name the account after choosing a fitting account type. After that, fill in the additional details.
  • Step 4: Press OK, thereafter, close the chart of accounts.
  • Lastly, go to POS, close, and reopen the Company Preferences window. Thereafter, choose Accounts (both basic and advanced). Don’t leave brackets with any type of account.

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